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It’s Pi Day, the nerdyest holiday because it’s about a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (yes, sometimes writing priorities in geometry class pay attention to that) The 14th March has come to be known as Pi Day because it is written numerically as 314 and pi starts at 314 and continues indefinitely, in fact an irrational number

In case you’ve forgotten the digits of pi, Google will celebrate the day with an Easter egg game hidden in the calculator (also: Until Google does it). Bring up a calculator when you search for “calculator”

The pi symbol in the upper left corner of the calculator should have some twinkling stars on it When you click on it, the calculator will display the first three digits of the pi, put those digits in the calculator in order and hit enter.Next you will see pi with four digits that you repeat in the calculator and it will show you pi with five digits and so on

Is it possible that the pi calculator game could go on like pi itself forever? I mean, I work today so I don’t really have time to check (I don’t think I could get away with telling Nilay and Dieter that I spent my day pi in a calculator in the name of “research” too beat, heh) but you should feel free to investigate and report back

Pi Day, Pi Day 2021

World news – CA – Pi Day is here and the Google calculator is testing how well you know the mathematical constant

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/14/22330036/pi-day-google-calculator-math