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SINGAPORE – The carcass of a “monstrous” alligator-gar was discovered on 14 Discovered February at MacRitchie Reservoir raising concerns about illegal releases of fish into waters

The fish is native to North America, but juveniles – about 8 inches on average – are sold in local fish shops

The largest officially registered alligator garb was 257 m long and 148 kg. This species has a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years in captivity. Mr. Ian Toh, owner of the Toh Aquarium, said that alligator garbs usually take two to three Years can reach a size of about 1 m

The recommended tank size should be at least 1.5m long and 1m wide, with a thickness of 12mm to 20mm to withstand the power of the Gar, so Mr Toh The water and filter should also be changed every week Tank needs heating to maintain a water temperature of 29-33 ° C

Alligator yarns are fish-eaters, animals that primarily feed on fish.They are ambushed predators – they lurk until unsuspecting fish swim by and then attack them.A full-grown dress requires around 200g to 300g of food per week The recommended diet consists of either live feed fish or frozen seafood

While Gar’s meat is edible, its eggs contain an ichthyotoxin, a type of protein toxin that is highly toxic to humans on contact.The symptoms of ichthyotoxin poisoning can include headache, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and a drop in blood pressure

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Alligator even

World news – CA – ‘Monstrous’ fish at MacRitchie: Do you know that alligators can grow up to 1 m in 2 years?