Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill on December 20, 2020 in Washington, DC. | Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Congress is set to approve a $ 900 billion coronavirus bailout on Monday that will wrap up a dramatic final week of negotiations a few days before Christmas

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate want to clarify the stimulus plan – which will be accompanied by a major year-end spending measure – by midnight, when the government’s final funding deadline is reached

But it’s going to be a long day on Capitol Hill as lawmakers brace for hours of debate and voting as they take out one of the biggest aid packages in US History Democratic and Republican leaders are confident they have the votes to pass, despite grumbling from both sides about the dysfunctional process that led to this point

“I look forward to a strong bipartisan vote today on this legislation, respecting it for what it does and not judging it for what it doesn’t, but recognizing that more needs to be done,” said Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi in a long speech on Monday morning and vowed that the incoming Biden government would act quickly to provide more aid to the warring Americans

Helpers expect the drafting of the legal text by approx 10 a.m., with plans for the House Rules Committee to act quickly to pick it up for a floor vote Parliament could vote on the bailout package as early as late afternoon, which includes another round of direct payments to individuals, improved unemployment benefits and Billions of dollars spent on weak industries More than $ 300 billion goes into small business loans, as well as new money for schools, hospitals, and vaccine distribution

Some of that aid could be paid off quickly: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on CNBC Monday that checks could appear on people’s bank accounts in the coming days

“I assume we’ll be bringing the money out early next week,” said Mnuchin, who was optimistic when he told the US The economy is “definitely in a much better position” than it was when Congress passed its last major bailout in March

The leaders of Congress reached the long-awaited deal on the stimulus measure on Sunday evening after a weekend of heated arguments over the Fed’s emergency credit powers

Both chambers will also approve another huge measure of government funding through September that includes a dozen budget bills

As the last important law of 116 In Congress, party leaders will tackle several other spending bills, an annual tradition lawmakers refer to as “loading the Christmas tree” ”

These include a highly competitive agreement to protect patients from “surprise” medical bills and a compromise version of an annual secret service approval

Rather than pushing through the measure on Sunday night, the House and Senate passed a one-day funding bill. The rambling legislation passed on Monday will also include a weeklong spending patch to avoid government shutdowns while the package is printing and finalized for President Donald Trump’s signature – a process that typically takes several days for major legislation

Both parties have worked hard to reach an agreement this month A number of aid programs are expiring and pressure is mounting to provide more aid amid the surge in coronavirus cases and deaths, Congress has not brought any significant relief since April

The package will allocate billions to ailing sectors like transportation, movie theaters, and entertainment venues, but others are complaining that it has been left out, including state and local governments and restaurants

The additional $ 300 a week in federal unemployment benefits will also only last until March, weeks, if not months, before the nation expects mass vaccinations

Many legislators had on 1$ 200 in individual payments pushed – instead of the $ 600 that came with it. And Progressives had requested a full moratorium on evictions as well as rents and mortgages cancellation

Pelosi said on Monday on the floor that the Democrats are on the 1$ 200 direct payments – which were included in the last auxiliary bill – but encountered GOP opposition

“I want them to be bigger, but they are significant and will be running out soon,” Pelosi said on the floor

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