100221 UPDATE: On Wednesday, Chris Harrison apologized for the comments he made regarding Bachelor candidate Rachael Kirkconnell were better informed, “While I am not speaking for Rachael Kirkconnell, my intention was simply to ask for mercy by giving her the Given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf, “he wrote,” What I now realize is that I have done harm by speaking wrongly to perpetuate racism, and I am very sorry about that. Harrison apologized to both his interviewer Rachel Lindsay as well as Bachelor fans

The Bachelor presenter incriminated the controversial candidate during an interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Kirkconnell, who is currently the front runner to win Matt James’ heart, was “just thrown to the Lions,” Harrison told Extra

Kirkconnell has been embroiled in a scandal for weeks Photos were taken of the 24-year-old attending a fraternity celebration on the theme of an antebellum plantation in 2018.A TikTok user made unsubstantiated claims that she was bullied by Kirkconnell for using black people (James was cast as The Bachelor’s first black lead in the show’s 18-year history) People looked up the Georgian-born and her parents’ voting results when they appeared to be in support of former President Donald Trump p>

“I didn’t talk to Rachael about it,” Harrison said to Lindsay. “We all need a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion Because I’ve seen some stuff online – this judge, jury and executioner thing at that people are just tearing apart this girl’s life and immersing themselves in her parents’ voting results.It’s incredibly alarming to see that I haven’t heard Rachael speak about it until I actually hear that this woman has the opportunity to speak, who should I say something about it? I saw a picture of her at a sisterhood party five years ago and that was it ”

Photos of Rachael Kirkconnell at a fraternity celebration with antebellum plantations in 2018 have now emerged #TheBachelor #BachelorNation picTwittercom / TEqmofRPKN

“Well, the picture is from 2018 at an antebellum party in the old south,” she explained, “It doesn’t look good”

“Is it looking good in 2018 or is it not looking good in 2021?” Harrison asked

“It never looks good because she’s celebrating the old south,” explained Lindsay. “If I went to this party, what would I represent at this party?”

“I don’t disagree with you,” Harrison said. “You’re 100 percent right – in 2021 That wasn’t the case in 2018 Again, I’m not defending Rachael I just know, I don’t know, 50 million people have this Done in 2018 That was kind of a party that a lot of people went to ”

Harrison claimed he was “not defending it” but said that people are not now viewing the party “under the same lens”

“My guess? These girls got dressed and went to a party and had a great time, they were 18 years old is that okay now? I don’t know Rachel, are you telling me? “He said,” Did we all look through [this lens] in 2018? “

“With Rachael, I guess which is frustrating Nothing prevents her from contractually saying, “Hey, that’s not true,” explained Lindsay (Kirkconnell has not made a public statement on the controversy)

“Yeah, but it’s a slippery slope,” Harrison replied. “I saw something that said this person is a Registered Republican, that’s why they are we have to be so careful when we start tagging people ”

Harrison speculated that Kirkconnell “takes a little time” before speaking, as she has never been in that position before

“Well, it’s been six weeks”, Lindsay pressed. “We saw problematic candidates before we joined the franchise Rachael isn’t the first”I think people have a question about whether the franchise is going to say something Will she say come out and say something? Then you have another level where she goes out with a black guy. This adds complexity ”

“Where is the story of how she falls in love with Matt?” Harrison asked, “If you try to respond to something on social media, there is no mercy. I’m just going to give her the mercy and time to come out and speak”

“It’s with Rachael first,” Harrison noted, “The show pushes these social issues forward and then we’ll talk about it, on the Woman Tell All, which we’re getting into … Rachael wasn’t there and so are we didn’t dwell on the Rachael of everything but Rachael will have her time to speak Hopefully I’ll be there to have this debate with her and I’ll urge her I’ll try to keep her feet up to as much as possible to shoot I don’t think the show needs to speak before Rachael does ”

“I really agree with you,” said Lindsay. “I agree that this is up to her, not necessarily the show”

“I respect her enough to be the courtesy of the time and she can speak alone,” concluded Harrison,

There will always be people crossing the line between fair criticism and harassment online, but there are plenty of #TheBachelor fans who have commented on Rachel’s past actions from a place of good faith and love for the show, otherwise to do is so insulting

This is example no 3487, where Chris Harrison really needs to learn the difference between “breaking culture” and “accountability” ’

I know damn well Chris Harrison doesn’t hang up Rachel Lindsay, “Where’s the grace for Rachael?” Just because she went to an Old South party at 18 doesn’t mean she’s 21 racist “Yes, you are right, Chris It’s not safe, but it’s a pretty good picture on Twittercom / Kkh5ge8W67

Chris Harrison had defended racist white women for decades To tell Rachel that racist parties would be fine in twenty-eight years ?! @abc needs to look at this contract

Chris Harrison: “In the distant and unenlightened days of 2018 we didn’t know that plantation parties were racist” https: // tco / mTPCioDHAN

Honestly, not a good look for YOU Chris Harrison The photo and the party would be mean at any time 🤮 https: // tco / 1tMD3Qf0aG

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Rachael Kirkconnell, Chris Harrison

World News – CA – Chris Harrison apologizes for defending the party photo with the antebellum theme of the front runner “Bachelor”

Source: https://sports.yahoo.com/chris-harrison-bachelor-rachael-kirkconnell-sorority-photo-matt-james-185344479.html