A world’s first surface spray and hand sanitizer is now available in Australia that kills COVID-19 in just 90 seconds

The Australian-made disinfectant called VIROClear was approved for use after it was accelerated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration last month

The alcohol-free, non-toxic and non-irritating formula was developed by BioInnovate using lemon bush and chamomile extracts

Company chairman Ross Macdougald told Sunrise that VIROClear kills coronaviruses, germs and bacteria seven times faster than any other product on the market

These include bleach, ethanol, and alcohol disinfectants and wipes, which can take two to 10 minutes to clear the fatal bug

“If you’re in a mall and someone is just wiping the car or in a restaurant and just cleaned your table, you actually have to wait ten minutes – nobody knows “he claimed

“VIROClear is the world’s first hand disinfectant and surface disinfectant that works on all hard surfaces and kills COVID-19 in 90 seconds”

Macdougald said he developed the special formula for his wife at the beginning of the pandemic because she suffered from skin irritation and couldn’t use harsh chemicals to wash her hands

He had a major breakthrough when he found that lemon bush and chamomile combine well to “draw” the virus in the benzalkonium formula

ViroCLEAR will be made available as both a hand disinfectant and a surface disinfectant5 million Aussies in priority industries and workplaces such as schools, universities, geriatric care facilities and restaurants from Wednesday

The supplies will then be made available to the wider public as early as the end of the month


World news – AU – “World first”: New disinfectant that kills COVID in 90 seconds, now available in Australia

Source: https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/new-disinfectant-that-kills-coronavirus-in-90-seconds-approved-by-the-tga–c-2274769