A family-friendly American western isn’t what most viewers expect from director Paul Greengrass, England-born Oscar nominee, is best known for focusing his camera on the darker parts of humanity, including the pirate kidnapping of Maersk Alabama in “Captain Phillips” and the terrorist attacks of Sept. September in “United 93” “But with his latest film” News of the World “, which has just been nominated for two Golden Globes, Mr. Greengrass went on a 19th-century road trip with Tom Hanks again Joined together in the 19th century, exposing our past discord and providing examples for today

Set in the post-Civil War era, the film follows fictional Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks), a former Confederate soldier and preacher who now roams town to town reading the headlines of the day The Old West Kicks One brutal war against the northern states, in which an estimated 620000 Americans were killed

When Captain Kidd meets an orphaned Kiowa girl (German child actress Helena Zengel, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role), he reluctantly agrees to protect her and sets out to help her survivors Finding relatives to reunite with his wife in San Antonio Like an American-born, gun-armed Silas Marner, affection for the orphan grows and claims her as his own after the end of the film

News of the World succeeds in combining the classic action-adventure conventions of the American West with a deeper, human story about the bonds that bind us even amid ongoing unrest

Mr Hanks succeeds in portraying Kidd as a personable, upright father figure, even as he continues to show sympathy for the Confederation.He resembles a gentler version of John Wayne’s Ethan Edwards, the bigoted Confederate veteran who sets out to help his kidnapped niece in “The SearchersDespite the remaining anger and resentment resulting from the Union’s victory, Kidd is working to be a unifying force as he weaves his stories across the South.”

In an interview, Mr. Greengrass said he decided to go after graduating 22nd July to make a film about overcoming our divisions, focusing on the 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway and the growth of violent right-wing extremism in Europe

“I think most people, whatever their [political] beliefs, would rather move to a place where we have less bitterness and less division,” he said

“I wanted it to be a family movie I wanted it to be my family movie if I can do it”

Speaking as a parent, Mr. Greengrass also described his concerns about his children growing up in a divided world, “That’s why I made this film. I wanted it to be a family film. I wanted it to be my family film if I could do this can, ”he said

Mr Greengrass is aware of the major challenges both the United States and the international community face as our disagreements and complaints escalate into deadly violence after Jan 6 attack on the US. Capitol Hill, where domestic terrorists threatened the life of the legislature, Mr. Greengrass admits there is no easy path to the cure

“I think that the solution to our difficulties, which I think will be long and difficult, will rest with us all in our private, calm, and humble ways,” said Mr. Greengrass, seeing Kidd’s Leading this indictment, which focuses on “better days” as he travels through a country torn by civil war. It is his belief in the “healing power of storytelling” that is at the core of the film and provides lessons for our collective discontent. p>

News of the World succeeds in combining the classic action-adventure conventions of the American West with a deeper, human story about the bonds that bind us even amid ongoing unrest

“Our stories bind us together so I think that’s part of the solution too,” said Mr Green grass

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World News – AU – “News of the World”: Can Tom Hanks and a family-friendly western heal the divide of our nation?

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