The contractor’s boss, who is at the center of an elderly care overdose scandal, has been put aside unacceptable ‘

The credentials of all physicians and nurses involved in the Pfizer rollout are urgently reviewed after two geriatric nurses received the wrong dose of Pfizer vaccine

Concerns have been raised that two Queensland nursing home residents received higher doses of the coronavirus vaccine Image: NCA NewsWire / Emma BrasierSource: News Corp Australia

The chief executive officer of the contractor who hired the doctor accused of overdosing the COVID-19 vaccine to two people in Queensland has resigned

Health Secretary Greg Hunt told Parliament Thursday that CEO Jason Cartwright had been put aside and Healthcare Australia had “put in new management” after it was revealed the doctor had not received adequate training on how to administer the vaccine

The move followed high-level discussions between Cartwright, Chairman Daren McKennay, and Secretary of the Department of Health, Brendan Murphy

An 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman received four times the recommended dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Holy Spirit retirement home in Carseldine, Queensland

this week

Healthcare Australia was notified after an investigation found the company guilty of two serious clinical standards violations

“We share serious community concerns about the incident involving two patients at the Holy Spirit nursing home in Brisbane and immediately launched an internal review to see how it happened,” McKennay said in a statement

“We apologize unreservedly to the affected patients and their families for the distress this has caused, and assure the community that the mistake was isolated and will not be repeated

“While the review is complete, Jason Cartwright, CEO of Healthcare Australia has agreed to step down and an interim CEO with extensive experience in the healthcare sector will be appointed shortly. We will also become the management team of Healthcare Australia reinforce with additional support from managers

“The health and well-being of all patients in our care is an absolute priority for us We continue to work with the appropriate health departments to ensure the continued effectiveness of the vaccination program implementation ”

“This doctor should not have given these vaccinations without proof that his graduation was seen by the company,” he told reporters

Another vendor is now being hired to launch the vaccine in NSW and Queensland to support Healthcare Australia, which has slowed its adoption

By Wednesday evening, more than 4,715 geriatric carers in 71 geriatric care facilities had been vaccinated, which is not the government’s goal of 240 homes in the first week

Earlier Thursday, Mr. Hunt confirmed that additional executives have been added to Healthcare Australia and the company’s chairman has now assumed a senior executive role

The Commonwealth has appointed the country’s former Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Debra Thoms, to work with the company and review its staffing arrangements

Elderly carers headed the line to receive Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Image: Emma BrasierSource: News Corp Australia

The federal health ministry said in a statement Wednesday evening it was concerned about the grave violation of protocol and misleading information – after the company falsely claimed the doctor had received training

“We have made it clear at all times that security cannot be impaired,” says the statement

An independent audit is now being conducted to ensure that all other Healthcare Australia immunizers have completed training

The affected couple is fine and it is being monitored whether the woman returns to the nursing home on Thursday afternoon

“I would be really upset if my mom or dad were in a situation where they didn’t get the right dose,” he said

Senator Richard Colbeck said steps have been taken to ensure people have confidence in the vaccine’s launch Image: NCA NewsWire / Gary RamageSource: News Corp Australia

“This is a very basic part of training as these Pfizer vaccines come in multi-dose vials,” he said

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