Victoria’s tough snap lock ends in a few hours and the status returns to the “COVID-normal” restrictions with a few exceptions

For five days the residents have been leaving their home with only four main reasons, a travel limit of 5 km and a ban on gathering in harsh conditions

“This is a five day short circuit breaker The restrictions will be lifted at midnight tonight,” Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said during the highly anticipated press conference

The Victorians are reverting to the restrictions that existed before the breaker shutdown, with a few exceptions

Indoor gatherings are permitted for a maximum of five people, while outdoor gatherings are 20 people

“Masks will continue to be an important part of our defense and will be needed anywhere but at home – the grocery store, the office, the pub when you get up to pay,” said Andrews

Restaurants and retail stores can reopen, schools are returning, and workers in the private and public sectors can return 50 percent to the office on site

Religious gatherings and ceremonies can be resumed with the previous boundaries. Gyms can also be reopened

Weddings and funerals are unlimited but must adhere to the indoor and outdoor venue density limits

All of these restrictions apply until at least the 26th February, the remainder of the 14-day incubation period

The 5k travel limit and four main reasons to leave home will also be removed from 11Wednesday, 59 p.m.

“I think this is the biggest day of testing we’ve done during the pandemic,” said Andrews

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World News – AU – VICTORIA UNLOCKS: Next steps that indicated when the COVID lockdown has ended