They share a couch on Australia’s number one morning show and on Sunday they shared a personal moment that undoubtedly thousands of Aussies can relate to

TV presenters Kylie Gillies and Angela Cox rushed to Sydney Airport as Queensland closed its border with Greater Sydney as the Northern Beaches COVID cluster grew

While the glamorous news anchor had booked a flight, it was canceled at the last minute

“I feel like I have a gold ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” wrote Angela

“They canceled my flight to GC – the last flight before it was canceled – and I had tears in my eyes that I would miss this time with my mother. I tried to find another airline to go to tonight Qld to get my sister too, but nothing was available. My dear friend and colleague Emma Dallimore even tried to swap her place for me so I could get up there ”

“I’ve worked almost every Christmas of my career and I usually don’t mind missing a special family day but I couldn’t miss this one”

“I roared like a baby when they found this place for me. I’ve never been so grateful to get on a plane” “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

What Angela didn’t know at the time was that her colleague on The Morning Show, Kylie Gillies, took a similar shot

“As the border closes in a couple of hours, I made my way to QLD I think I got the last ticket for the last flight to Brisbane tonight”

Maybe stupid, I was hoping that we couldn’t be able to hold out for about 48 hours with all our might

“My sister is now driving more than three hours from Hervey Bay to pick me up and we will turn around and go back to the bay, mom and dad is the destination, but my three boys are not with me”

“I’m kind of hoping for a Christmas miracle. A short border nearby? Almost everyone I know has messed up their Christmas plans in one way or another. My heart goes out to you all ”

After another 30 infections were announced on Sunday, bringing the fall on northern beaches to 70 cases, state and territorial governments rushed to reinstate travel restrictions

People arriving from the greater Sydney area and the Central Coast will no longer be able to travel to other states as of Monday

In this case, they will need to do a 14-day hotel quarantine in most states or a home quarantine in South Australia and the ACT

Only those from the greater Sydney area need to be quarantined for two weeks upon arrival in Tasmania

Greater Sydney extends from the Hawkesbury, Hornsby and Northern Beaches regions in the north to the Blue Mountains in the west and the Wollondilly, Campbelltown and Sutherland regions in the south

Travelers from the Wollongong area are also not allowed to enter the SA, while NT, ACT and Queensland have banned the entire Illawarra / Shoalhaven area

A 24 hour grace period applies to Queensland and Victoria residents returning home Authorities allow them to quarantine themselves in their own homes

The NSW government has also tightened its own restrictions on the Greater Sydney area, which will remain in place until 11 a.m. Wednesday, 59 p.m.

No more than 10 people are allowed for household gatherings and guests must be four square feet at the venues

Up to 300 people are allowed in places of worship and restaurants, while singing and singing indoors is prohibited and dance floors are only permitted at weddings

Meanwhile, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which is slated to begin Boxing Day, has been canceled due to Tasmanian restrictions on visitors from NSW

Kylie Gillies

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