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BERNARD TOMIC’s amateur porn star friend beat up the bosses of the Australian Open – but she joked that she could use the two weeks in quarantine to “create good content for my only fans”

But the couple – as well as world number 1 Novak Djokovic – have been criticized by other tennis pros and uncompromising government officials for whining and whining in quarantine

Former Oz Love Island contestant Vanessa Sierra, a high profile content provider for adult subscription site OnlyFans, posted a YouTube video from her Melbourne hotel room

On the video blog, she said they were so bored that they played computer games for up to 11 hours a day

She claimed the official food delivered to stars was “s ***” and said they are instead spending £ 100 on take-away meals

Vanessa also complained about being forced to “poop” in front of him for the first time

Weltnr228 The 28-year-old Tomic is not allowed to leave his room due to a positive Covid-19 test on his flight to Melbourne after qualifying in the Middle East

The Australian couple moan about having to wash dishes in the bathroom, that there is no place to exercise, that there are no fresh sheets – and that they share the secrets of the toilet

Vanessa said to her social media followers, “There’s only one bathroom – and I’ve never pooped in front of Bernard

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s day three. I just can’t do it before him. I haven’t broken that barrier in the relationship yet

“I don’t wash my own hair, I never washed my own hair, it’s just not something I do”

“I usually have hairdressers who do this for me twice a week. This is the situation we’re dealing with. What’s the matter?” Can’t wait to get out of quarantine just to do my hair ”

Vanessa later hit back on the criticism, claiming she had 10£ 000 donated to charity, calling Aussie TV the “True Definitions of Class Clowns Witch Hunting”

After positive coronavirus tests on their respective flights, 72 players have been locked in their hotel rooms in Melbourne for 14 days

In Adelaide, Djokovic thinks the rules are too strict and is pushing for better facilities for the rest of the players

In a list of reported claims, the Serb called for less time for isolation, private households, permission to visit buses, and adequate food

Australian Nick Kyrgios, who has not played professionally since February 2020, was not impressed by the complaints and claims

Kyrgios tweeted: “Djokovic is a tool I have nothing against Bernie, but his wife obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes”

Australian Sam Groth, a former tennis star, said: “Is Djokovic serious? Gaining popularity is a selfish political move

“And given his behavior on the Adria Tour, where he and several other players contracted the virus, he will be the last person anyone will receive Covid advice from””

Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews denied these requests, saying that players in strict quarantine will receive “no special treatment”

“I know some players have talked about the rules

“The rules apply to them as to everyone else and they were all informed of them before they came, and that was the condition they came on. So there is no special treatment here

Gordon Reid, the British wheelchair slam champion, said it was a “minority making a fuss”

Players have hit balls against the walls and windows of their rooms in order to stay sharp

The first day of the scheduled five-hour training session was canceled for some aces, and British Katie Boulter waited unsuccessfully at her hotel door for the chance to train

The Australian Open should be on 8 February start, but it is certainly a matter of time before someone snaps and really goes against the local police

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