To quote a more foreboding romance than Jenny Hans To All the Boys books: Farewell Is So Sweet Sorrow The final film, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, is out on Netflix today and is in the Said a fulfilling farewell to this charming trilogy

Not much happens in Always and Forever directed by Michael Fimognari with a script by Katie Lovejoy, but this isn’t a series of films we go to gasp for breath.We are for Lara Jean and Peter (Lana Condor and Noah Centineo) here, and this movie indulges in their love as high school seniors, experiencing school trips, suggestions, and every other rite of passage from the American youth handbook (including a Say Anything Reference) They play as chapters in the movie, giving the feel of web series, that are summarized in one mindset There’s just one catch: LJ and PK may go to different colleges, and for them it means their love is doomed

Condor, as engaging as ever, is as sweet as the candy your character prepares in soothing overhead shots Never sincerely pick saccharine. Your portrayal of Lara Jean is the greatest revelation of the trilogy, always friendly and optimistic without alienating the audience (no matter how exhausted we feel on this side of the screen) Lara Jean and Peter feel just as real as the high school darlings you will always put down roots for Her chemistry is a familiar comfort in some of the most tumultuous years many young people have experienced

The TATB franchise has created its own dialect of films, from Fimognari’s popping cyan cinematography to the fantasy we partake in when we watch it: that these two end up together, for better or for worse, or Genevieve or John Ambrose or Berkeley or NYU Even Lara Jean’s story knows how far-fetched it seems for the two to go the distance, but we want to believe as badly as they do

At the end of the series, Always and Forever is a love letter in and of itself; not only to Lara Jean and Peter, but also to Kitty and Dr Covey (Anna Cathcart and John Corbett), rebellious Chris (Madeleine Arthur), and former bad girl Gen (Emilija Baranac) all get moments to illustrate how much they’ve grown? often with little fuss or fanfare â ???? and we’re rooted for them as much as we do for the central couple.It goes to credit to the cast and filmmakers that conversations about Lara Jean’s mother and heir are as moving as the main love story, even though they were never the focus

Although there are still lively musical montages and fantasies coming from Lara Jean’s head, Fimognari decides to ground this episode more in the present and encourages Lara Jean to enjoy the time it will never get back. Still, there is no other option than to be delighted at the prospect of seeing Condor, Centineo, and their coworkers (who are looking at you, Ross Butler) putting their talents to use outside of high school.It was a beautiful run, but the end is here and it’s in indeed bittersweet

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