– Episode 7 (of 8),’ Chapter 15: The Believer ‘
– Written by Rick Famuyiwa
– Directed by Rick Famuyiwa

The Karthon Chop Fields are a junkyard made of Imperial scrap. Inmate 34667 dismantles a wrecked TIE fighter when a New Republic security droid tells him he has new instructions to greet Marshal Dune, who is taking care of the prisoner She says she has a job for him

They walk up to Slave I where Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are waiting for them “You know, for a second I thought you were that other guy “he says to Fett, before he sees the Mandalorian coming down the ramp of the ship. He greets Mayfeld, who asks if Mando is here to kill him. Cara Dune explains that she made a lot of rules to bring Mayfeld along, and that he comes with them because he is imperial. He says that was a long time ago, but Mando points out that he still knows the releases and protocols

On Slave I, Mando Mayfeld says they need coordinates for Moff Gideon’s cruiser. When Mayfeld hears the name, he tells her to forget about it and to take him back to prison. Cara says they have Mando’s child – “The little one green guy? ” – So Mayfeld asks if he will get his freedom in return for his help. Cara says it doesn’t work that way – but he is rewarded with a better view

Mayfeld says he needs access to an Imperial terminal and suggests a trip to Morak. Mando says there is nothing there, but Mayfeld counters that it is a secret Imperial mining center If they can get him to the base, he’ll get the coordinates

Fett scans the planet and finds a refinery where the Empire works with highly volatile and explosive hydroxium. It is protected by anti-aircraft guns and a platoon of security forces

On the surface of Morak, Mayfeld says it won’t take him long in the base Once he has the coordinates they have to get him out Fett says if he gets on the roof he’ll come over and pull him out Dune suggests that she and Mayfeld swap out the drivers of one of the juggernauts that carry Rhydonium, however Mayfeld argues, that this will not work as Imperial remains like these are set up and operated by the Imperial Security Bureau When she is scanned and her genetic signature is shown in a New Republic registry, she is discovered. Fennec says she cannot do it because she is also on the ISB registry, while Fett also refuses, “Let’s just say they could recognize my face ”

It looks like Mayfeld will have to go alone, but Mando unexpectedly volunteers Mayfeld says he can’t because his armor will be too signature, but Mando has other plans – and he needs his face too do not show

Juggernaut 5 enters the T-12 tunnel Mando, Dune and Mayfeld jump on the roof before Cara gets into the vehicle and the driver incapacitates Mando and Mayfeld put on the uniforms as a disguise when Mando gives Cara his armor and you tell her to keep them safe

They drive off with the Moloch Mayfeld takes off his helmet and asks himself how the Mandalorians wear them all the time. While driving past a destroyed transport, the communication prompts them to observe the limit values ​​and the speed of the cargo heat Mando says not to worry about the hydroxium – as long as Mayfeld drives safely, he will take her to the refinery

You’re driving through a village Mayfeld says, whether it’s New Republic or Empire, they’re still invading the locals – some people in the galaxy are rulers and others are being ruled. He asks if the Mandalorians are any different the empire, as they would have fought many wars “If you were born on Mandalore you believe one thing, if you were born on Mandalore you believe another But guess what? Neither of them exist anymoreMando looks at him “Hey, I’m just a realist I’m a survivor, just like duMando says the two are not similar Mayfeld’s attitude is that you do what you have to do and when you do yours If you can survive the day and still sleep at night, you are better off than most of the others

There is an explosion in the distance as communications declare that Juggernaut 4 was destroyed – just before Juggernaut 5 – they tell Juggernaut 5 to proceed with caution as they see another explosion on the horizon – it’s Juggernaut 3

A boat filled with pirates stops by. One of them jumps onto the roof of the juggernaut and tries to plant a thermal fuse. Mando climbs outside and shoots him Another boat stops and more fighters climb into the juggernaut. Mando’s blaster has none Load more so he has to fight them hand in hand He fends them off, but another boat is on their tail, so he tells Mayfeld to accelerate – although the acceleration causes the temperature reading on the hydronium to become critical

Mando is fighting even more pirates, and this time one has succeeded in planting a thermal detonator. After Mando frees the attackers from the ship, he manages to throw away the thermal detonator before it explodes and turn off two boats

More pirates emerge as Mayfeld slows onto an abandoned bridge. As the skiffs near the Juggernaut, two TIE fighters rush in to shoot them out of the way, stormtroopers move in to take down the stragglers while others Imperials greet them at the refinery for a hero’s reception

Mayfeld leads them to the officers’ mess where they find the computer terminal. He discovers a familiar face and says he cannot go in – Valin Hess is his former commanding officer and he cannot risk being recognized Mando says they will not drop out because if they don’t get these coordinates he will lose Grogu forever Mando asks him to hand over the data stick but Mayfeld says that the terminal has to scan your face in order to access the network Mando takes it anyway

Mando half-heartedly greets Hess as he approaches the terminal. While scanning his helmet, Mando takes off his helmet to give the system a look on his face. It gives him access and he finds Gideon’s cruiser

Hess was interested in the “soldier” and asks for his name. Mando tells him that his name is “Transport Copilot”, but Hess wants his TK number Mayfeld enters and says: “This is my commanding officer, TK-593, Sir I’m Imperial Combat Assault Transport Lieutenant TK-111, sir “He says Hess needs to talk to Mando a little” because his ship has lost pressure in Taanab

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Hess calls: “What’s your name, officer?” Mayfeld says they just call him “Brown Eyes” and they turn to leave – but Hess says they won’t be fired. He asks if they are the drivers who made the delivery of Rhydonium – the only successful one Transport of the day He invites you to have a drink with him

Cara and Fennec take a position above the base and plan to take out the soldiers and cannons if necessary. Cara wonders why Mando and Mayfeld are taking so long

Hess asks for a toast Mayfeld suggests a toast to Operation Cinder “Now there is a man who knows his story,” says Hess Mayfeld says, he not only knows, he lived it and remembers that he was in Burnin Konn was Hess says he had to make many difficult decisions that day

“Yes, you did,” says Mayfeld. “The whole town disappeared in a few moments, together with everyone in it. We lost our entire division that day, man, that was 5-10000 people ”

Hess says it was a small sacrifice for the common good Mayfeld says it depends who you ask and wonders if it was good for them, their families and the civilians who defended their homes died

“But we survived them, my son”, Hess counters. “The New Republic is in complete disarray and we are getting stronger.” He says that they can wreak havoc with the regained hydronium and that the people are back to the empire because they really want order, not freedom”

While Hess toasts the Empire, Mayfeld pulls out his blaster and shoots him before taking out the other Imperials in the room. He hands Mando his trooper helmet and says to him, “You did what you had to do never seen your face ”

When stormtroopers approach them, they escape through a window on a ledge. Fennec and Cara cover them with blaster fire when Boba Fett begins his rescue run. Mando and Mayfeld climb onto the roof of the refinery.Sklave I floats next to the roof and opens his hold – the duo jump over to the ship Mayfeld, a former imperial sniper, blows up a load of rhononium with a rifle, which explodes and destroys the base. “We all have to sleep at night,” he says

As they retreat, two TIE fighters are on their tail. Boba Fett releases a sonic mine that destroys both Imperial ships

The Mandalorian thanks Mayfeld, who wishes him the best of luck that he got his child back. Cara congratulates his shooting and says, “It’s a shame Mayfeld didn’t make it alive.” She likes to pretend he’s on Morak died and released Mando confirms they got the coordinates for Moff Gideon when Cara asks for her next move

On Gideon’s cruiser, an officer shows him a holo message from the Mandalorian, “You have something I want You may think you have an idea of ​​what you own, but you don’t know. Soon he’ll be with me again. He means.” me more than you will ever know ”

It’s a measure of how consistently brilliant season two of The Mandalorian has been that “The Believer” is a slight disappointment on most levels, this is a solid, brilliantly produced episode of television, but it’s way too formulaic to really be remembered

While sticking to a formula makes the Mandalorian tick – Mando takes on a mission, Mando finds people to help with the mission, Mando completes the mission – it’s usually a familiar arc with a brilliant interplay of characters or an important one Revelation provided Star Wars lore here, almost anything that happens could just as easily have happened off-screen – the coordinates to Moff Gideon’s cruiser are really just a handy plot tool for kicking off a big showdown in a season finale that promises to be massive Devoting entire episode to this side quest feels like filler, especially when Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, and Cara Dune drop out for most of the episode

Even so, there’s still a lot to like about The Juggernaut Chase is brilliantly choreographed, and Mando’s lack of armored armor forces him to improvise as he fends off wave after wave of pirate raiders

It also gives us a closer look at the inner workings of the empire, with stormtroopers acting like humans – such celebrations are usually more associated with the good guys in Star Wars – and glimpses of the Valin Hess organization’s worldview is terrifying because he’s Wholeheartedly believes that the Empire is acting for the common good, while Mayfeld’s redemption is fully deserved because you see his evolution from world-weary cynic to full-fledged doubter of the imperial faith. He is now the only (living) being in the galaxy that Could see Mando’s face in a police line-up, but you think he’ll keep the secret to himself

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The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 7

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