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The Mandalorian missed his chance at the “Wookiee Prisoner Gag” – so what’s the plan to save Grogu?

The following summary, as defined by the word “summary”, contains major spoilers from the season two finale of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian tried to save Grogu from Moff Gideon’s clutches in the second season finale of the Disney hit – and got an unexpected helping hand in the process

Mando & CoThe entire rescue plan was implemented pretty perfectly after commanding an Imperial shuttle with Dr They held onto Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves and asked for their help In Slave I they carried out a fake dogfight between the shuttle and Boba Fett. Bo in the shuttle exited hyperspace near Gideon’s light cruiser and asked for an emergency landing, but was refused when deployed TIE fighters entered with Slave I, landed / hurled Bo put the shuttle in the cruiser’s launch tube, preventing other TIE fighters from getting out.When Bo, Koska, Cara and Fennec hopped off the shuttle and mowed through stormtroopers, Mando slipped away to find Grugu – and hopefully sealed the train in time the engaging Dark Troopers on the way

However, Mando was a second too slow and had to challenge it with a Dark Trooper to ultimately (but barely) defeat it by running his Beskar spear through its neck and ripping off its head Then he sucked the others into space by opening an airlock, in the meantime the ladies made light work of the soldiers they faced before arriving at an empty bridge, we and Mando then saw that Gideon was in Grogus cell and stopped the child at Darksaber Point. After some back and forth, Mando said Gideon could keep his saber as long as he had the child. Gideon agreed but then he renounced that deal as soon as Mando turned to pick up Grogu, and a duel ensued – Darksaber vs. Spear made of pure Beskar (the only material it cannot cut through) Mando threw the Darksaber away and gained the upper hand but saved Gideon’s life However, the look on Bo’s face when Mando took the Moff to the bridge was not happy as the The Darksabers real “power” is having grabbed him during the fight that is, it was less useful to her unless she beat Mando in the fight for it

That sticky wicket, however, took a backseat to the more pressing matter of the Dark Troopers, who returned to the cruiser and boarded, marched to the bridge, and parked in front of the blast door as they start pounding on the door and closing it bit by bit squeeze, Mando and the others raised their weapons and prepared for what warned Gideon that it will be a futile battle. But then …

But then an X-wing appears outside, boarding the cruiser.The monitors show a robed figure masterfully wielding a green lightsaber, cutting and rolling through Dark Trooper to Dark Trooper, and the occasional Jedi hand wave in the process out of the way / against a wall As soon as the Jedi arrives at the bridge, Mando, who measures Grogu’s interest / “connection” agrees to open the door. On walks, the Jedi wears a glove over a bionic hand. He pushes his hood back and it is Luke Skywalker! (I am hereby giving props to those who have suggested getting a CGI version of a younger Mark Hamill I naively underestimated the production budget Respect plus 250 Imperial Power User points)

“Are you a Jedi?” asks Mando “That’s me”, Luke replies, who then says to Grogu: “Come on, little one”

Mando suggests that Grogu doesn’t want to leave, but Luke explains that while Grugo is strong in power, “talent without training is nothing” (Knows that, he does) Luke assures Mando, “I’ll be mine Giving life to protect him “, adding that Grogu is not safe until he has mastered his skills. Mando admits and says to his small community:” Next to whom do you belong, one of your kind. I will see you again, I promise Me “At Grogus’ urging, Mando takes off his helmet to see each other face-to-face before setting it down only to be greeted by an arriving R2-D2! “The two little boys seem quite excited to meet. Luke picks up Grogu and says to Mando et al: “May the force be with you”

Because we’re returning to Tatooine in a post-credits scene – namely, to the former palace of Jabba the Hutt, where Bib Fortuna now lives in large part.His good time is interrupted by laser fire when Fennec Shand comes down the stairs and with one Her shots free a tied Twi-Lek. Boba Fett follows her and Bib continues to speak of the “rumors” he had heard about the death of the great bounty hunter – but he is cut off by a blaster shot. Boba then claims the “throne.” “, While Fennec grabs a blue alcohol to drink. A title card reads:” THE BOOK BOBA FETT … COMING DECEMBER 2021 “- as on the announced premiere date for season 3

Has the Mandalorian finished with Baby Yoda? And with Din Djarin? If so, how exciting are you for the Boba-centered 3 Season, if this is actually Boba Fett’s book?

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