At an investor event last week, Disney revealed several Star Wars shows that are on their way to Disney, but it appears there is one not mentioned during the presentation of The Mandalorian Season Two, the flagship of the service, ended with an episode that went out overnight, suggesting that another spin-off series is on the way

Without giving too much away (with the exception of the appearance of a specific character who appears throughout the season), one post-credits scene included a title card that said, “The Book of Boba Fett, December 2021” “Though it is clear that Boba Fett will finally put his time in the spotlight, it is uncertain what that actually means

It suggests that there will be a show centered around the famous bounty hunter, but The Mandalorian season three is slated for release in the same month, so Boba Fett’s book could be a character arc on this show or one companion miniseries to The Mandalorian The text is vague enough that it could even be a streaming movie in its own right. Disney and Lucasfilm haven’t exactly confirmed what they’re up to

Anyway, Star Wars fans can look forward to a ton of things on Disney along with the Boba Fett project on the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, with Ewan McGregor as the legendary Jedi and Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader Two more Mandalorian spin-offs are underway in Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka, as well as a Lando Calrissian series and an animated film with C-3PO and R2-D2, but you have to pay a little more each month to watch them

Ball State was an underdog with two touchdowns against the unbeaten Buffalo, but Mike Neu’s team managed the 38:28 surprise

The Canadian Health Authority expects Moderna Inc’s coronavirus vaccine review to be completed in the coming weeks after the US The Food and Drug Administration on Friday cleared the emergency “Moderna has yet to provide information and data for review,” the regulator said in a statement, Health Canada said it could not provide a precise timeline for vaccine approval but anticipated the process Will be completed in the coming weeks

Parts of Sydney were en route to a new lockdown on Saturday as officials in Australia’s most populous city hoped the restrictions would be enough to control a growing outbreak well in advance of Christmas

Former Louisiana Attorney General Charles C Foti, JrEsq, a partner in law firm Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”), announced that KSF has opened an investigation with ProAssurance Corporation (NYSE: PRA)

Former Louisiana Attorney General Charles C Foti, JrEsq, a partner in law firm Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”), announced that KSF is investigating against Tivity Health, Inc (NasdaqGS: TVTY)

Former Louisiana Attorney General Charles C Foti, JrEsq, a partner in the law firm Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”), announced that KSF is investigating against MEI Pharma, Inc (NasdaqGS: MEIP)

Former Louisiana Attorney General Charles C Foti, JrEsq, a partner in the law firm Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC (“KSF”), announced that KSF has initiated an investigation against Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc (NasdaqGS: KPTI)

NEW ORLEANS, Dec Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ClaimsFiler, a FREE shareholder intelligence service, is reminding investors of upcoming deadlines in the following class action lawsuits: First American Financial Corp. (FAF) Course period: 17022017 – 22102020 application deadline for main plaintiff: 24 December 2020 SECURITIES FRAUD For more information, please visit https: // wwwClaimsfilercom / case / view-first-american-Financial-Corp-WertpapierstreitachtenRaytheon Technologies Corporation f / k / a Raytheon Company (RTX, RTN) Class Period: 10022016 – 27102020 application deadline of the main plaintiff: 29 December 2020 SECURITIES FRAUD To learn more, visit https: // wwwClaimsfilercom / case / view-raytheon-Technologies-Corporation-Securities Disputes Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) Teaching Period: Dec.042019 – 16112020 application deadline of the main plaintiff: 2 February 2021 SECURITIES FRAUD To learn more, visit https: // wwwClaimsfilercom / case / view-boston-Scientific-Corporation-Securities Dispute-4Splunk Inc (SPLK) Course period: 21102020 – 0212th2020 application deadline of the main plaintiff: 2 February 2021 SECURITIES FRAUD For more information, visit https: // wwwClaimsfilercom / case / view-splunk-inc-Securities-Litigation.If you have purchased shares in the above companies and would like to discuss your legal rights and your right to receive reimbursement of your economic loss, you can Contact you toll-free (844) 367-9658 or visit the case links above without obligation or costIf you want to appear as the lead plaintiff in the class action, you must file a motion in court on or before the lead plaintiff’s deadline about ClaimsFilerClaimsFiler has a single Mission: To serve as a source of information to help retail investors recover their share of billions of dollars from class action settlements for securities. ClaimsFilercom allows investors to: (1) Register for free to get access to information and processing websites for a variety of class action cases; so that you have your be able to submit their own claims in good time; (2) upload their portfolio transaction details to be informed of relevant securities cases in which they may have a financial interest; and (3) submit inquiries to the law firm Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC for free case assessment. For more information about ClaimsFiler, visit wwwClaimsfilercom

(Bloomberg) – Moderna IncThe Covid-19 vaccine was approved by US Regulators, the second vaccine to receive emergency approval this month as a historic mass vaccination across the country, the Food and Drug Administration’s decision on Friday to approve the use of the shot in adults means two of the most six vaccine candidates identified by Operation Warp Speed ​​are now available to the public, achieved in less than a year footage from AstraZeneca Plc and Johnson & Johnson, who also received US Government support is expected to be submitted for review next yearModerna’s shot was developed by the National Institutes of Health and manufactured by Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE, released last week, based on messenger RNA technology not previously used in vaccines for Moderna, whose ticker symbol is MRNA, it is also the company’s first product to be approved for use by regulators On Thursday, a group of outside FDA advisors voted 20-0 with one abstention for the shot, which has not been approved in any other country and has not yet been used on anyone outside of a clinical trial to deliver the vaccine to the US. Government will start immediately and a full approval application is expected next year, Moderna said in a statement. “I am proud of what the Moderna team has achieved in collaboration with our partners,” said Stéphane Bancel, CEO of the company “We continue to focus on expanding production to protect as many people as possible from this terrible disease. Monitoring reactionsModerna’s vaccine is given in a two-dose regimen like Pfizer’s, Moderna said the most common side effects are after receiving the shots Injection site pain, swelling, and swollen lymph nodes were Most reactions were mild or moderate The FDA is investigating five allergic reactions related to Pfizer’s vaccine in the USASPeter Marks, director of the agency’s office that oversees the vaccines, said on a call with reporters on Friday, some allergic reactions were also reported in the UK, where Pfizer’s shot was approved earlier this month, including two that were a serious reaction called anaphylaxis, a component of the vaccine called polyethylene glycol, which is also found in Moderna’s shot, “could be a culprit here,” Marks told The Association is “unusually associated” with allergic reactions, he said, although “these allergic reactions might be more common than the unusual ones we thought” The FDA and at least a handful of other federal programs pay close attention to vaccine side effects that have not been seen in clinical trials The agency has asked facilities that deliver vaccines to have drugs available to treat allergic reactions Moderna vaccine does not require special equipment to be kept cold Pfizer must be kept in ultra-cold freezers, but Moderna can be stored in a standard freezer The way it is found in most household kitchens should make distribution easier and easier for many pharmacies to use, Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s drive to accelerate vaccine development, raised more than $ 950 million for the Moderna Development of the vaccine available The US pledged to spend billions to buy 200 million doses, enough to immunize 100 million people, and has the option to buy an additional 300 million, the option to get more doses could be particularly useful for the launch of the vaccine in the US be important S., one of the most far-reaching mass vaccination campaigns ever carried out by United Parcel Service IncUnder an agreement with McKesson, the vaccine will be shipped by Moderna, the freight giant said in a statement on Friday that Moderna’s vaccine is 941% effective in preventing symptomatic cases of Covid-19 and was able to do so, according to analysis of clinical trial results by the FDA Prevent the most serious infections Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine is 95% effective Both shots far exceed the minimum standard of 50% effectiveness set by the FDA for the elimination of potential coronavirus vaccines “With the availability of two vaccines to help prevent Covid -19, the FDA has taken another crucial step in the fight against this global pandemic that is causing large numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in the US every day, “said FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn in a statement to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergies and infectious diseases said in In a statement, he hoped that “when the vaccine is available to all Americans will protect themselves with vaccinations. This is how our country will begin to heal and move forward.” President-elect Joe Biden in a statement called the approval another milestone in our fight against the crisis our country is facing today “Scaling, when it comes to bringing a new product to market on a massive scale, Moderna has not yet been tested as a young company, but it can make up half or more of the early US Vaccine Inventory This is because during the US. bought 100 million cans from Pfizer last summer – enough for 50 million people – and passed the opportunity to purchase more first.On Thursday, Moncef Slaoui, chief scientific advisor to Operation Warp Speed, told the US. is on the verge of a deal for another 100 million doses of Pfizer, maker of some of the best-selling drugs of all time like cholesterol-fighting Lipitor and erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, said it had to fill orders from other countries before satisfying a new U. The Secretary for Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, said Wednesday that 59 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine would be shipped quickly across the country once approved.He said 29 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine have already run out and another 2 million doses of Pfizer -Shots will go out next weekModerna expects to produce 20 million cans for the US by the end of the year and another 85 to 100 million cans in the US. Overall, Moderna and manufacturing partner Lonza Group AG plan to produce 500 to 1 billion doses of its vaccine in 2021. The European Union, Canada and Japan also have major sales contracts with the company and the UK Has Secured 7 Million Doses Placebo IssuePfizer has already begun enabling healthcare workers who participated in the study who received the placebo to switch to the actual vaccine as they are approved under US Guidelines currently on to get the shot, when asked if Moderna would take a similarly staggered approach, Marks declined to comment, saying talks between US would continue Regulators and the company Moderna announced at the FDA advisors meeting on Thursday that it would give its vaccine to all volunteers who received the placebo, and not wait, Bloomberg previously reported that Moderna hopes to get those volunteers within one to one To be able to offer the vaccine two weeks after receiving emergency approval, according to a letter to some study participants, Moderna, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, became one of the most highly valued private biotechnology companies before selling shares to the public for the first time in December 2018, although the company Having worked on the development of numerous vaccines from the beginning, his work on a potential personalized cancer vaccine attracted the most attention. Investors were initially skeptical of the stock as the company did not have a portfolio of approved products that would provide a reliable U. But since the company started working on its vaccine, stocks have risen more than eight-fold (updates with Biden statement dated Sept. 17), and had dropped around 15% between its debut and the beginning of this year Paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe Now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2020 Bloomberg LP

The blazers haven’t lost a season in four years after the football team’s revival

Several Sydney FC squad members returning from Qatar are unable to return to their homes on the northern beaches after exiting hotel quarantine

Neck Relax is a neck massager that can be placed around the neck and provides what is known as a relief massage This can lead to pain relief Read what we found out about this device Neck Relax – Neck Massager Neck Relax is a neck massager that is used to neck and provides what is called a relief massage This may result in pain relief Read What We Found About This Device New York, Dec. Sep 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – If you have back or neck pain it is already not easy at times. Most of the time, when you actually sit too much during the day, these types of pain are caused, but there are other reasons why when this happens, pain relievers always a welcome option to stifle the pain impulse and get through the day at least partially.However, it’s not a permanent solution you can use.Massages are really effective.However, these are hard to come by or sometimes painful.Some people don’t feel relaxed at all and therefore it is not an alternative for her If you prefer to try a massage at home in your familiar environment that will relieve the neck pain, you may be able to use Neck Relax We looked at the neck massager and wanted to know if it lasted what the manufacturer promises That’s why we just got Neck Relax What is Neck Relax? Neck Relax is a neck massager that can be placed around the neck and provides what is known as a relief massage.This leads to pain relief, which of course is even more beneficial if you look at the whole thing in the long term.Most patients do not need to take pain medication after working with Neck Relax Therefore Here are the advantages that are emphasized by the manufacturer: 1 The healing takes place using infrared technology 2 The Neck Relax is particularly easy to use 3 Six different programs are available 4 It is flexible and ergonomic and therefore adapts perfectly to the conditions 5 There are 16 different intensity forms that you can use 6 It is ideal for the back and neck area Alternatives on the market that are very similar to Neck Relax can only be used on the back or only on the neck With Neck Relax, however, you can They combine both aspects and a perfect device for the relief m get assage The neck massager is easy to use and can treat neck and back problems very well. Click here for the current discount! Why do I need this neck massager? The neck massager is aimed at all people who suffer from neck pain and are looking for an alternative to the typical devices on the market.Age does not matter because it can be used by young and old alike.Gender is also not a decisive factor at all, both men and women women will also benefit from it. It is also aimed at those who are simply looking for a good way to relax, but do not want to put a large mat on the chair or similar. Many have already tried an alternative but were not satisfied with Neck Relax give them the opportunity to treat the neck pain in a targeted manner and also to include the back. Therefore, the target group that makes up Neck Relax cannot really be clearly delimited Evaluation and recommendations for neck relaxation We all know back or neck pain very well, especially if you work a lot in the office sit on a chair and one adopt a funny posture Accordingly, Neck Relax can lead to the desired success when used correctly. We would like to recommend the neck massager at this point, as we believe that it can be a welcome alternative both at home and at work if you are looking for a simple Find a way to relax You can use it to relieve pain and relax your muscles. So we think that you should just try it out and give it a good rating. Visit the official website for more customer reviews! Neck Relax – Technical data We summarize the technical features of Neck Relax here to show you that the neck massager offers everything you need to relieve your neck pain. Unfortunately, we can hardly list anything about the Neck Relax. Nevertheless, you can use the points listed get a good idea of ​​what the Neck Relax can do * Use of a healing infrared technology * Various programs and intensities are available to heal the neck * Ergonomic design allows a very good fit for your own neck * Pulse massage for balanced muscle relaxation With this information, you can already guess that the neck massager has the right conditions to get a good grip on neck pain. Treatment can be carried out effectively with the device with no fear of disadvantages. Back pain is relieved, and you can also use the functions of the neck massager to prevent pain What are the quality features of Neck Relax? The Neck Relax basically has no quality seal or something similar. Therefore we carried out a detailed test, as we have neck pain and co know pretty well the neck massager makes a good impression and is a good base for medical treatment the built-in technology works with infrared and can be adjusted to respond to any practically tailored problem it is simply put on and then switched on you choose the intensity and that Program and just let yourself be massaged for a while.Over time, the neck massager effectively relieves neck pain and you can then use it for further treatment at any time.As soon as you feel a little tense, simply put on the Neck Relax and it will even prevent the pain from subsiding aggravate — Get the Best Price Here — What are the Pros and Cons of Neck Relax? Each health product has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we would like to explain them in detail at this point.This way you can get a better picture of Neck Relax and assess whether the neck massager is recommendable.It can also be a purchase decision aid for you, if you You are not yet entirely sure whether the Neck Relax is suitable for you Advantages: * Simple operation is possible * There are various programs and intensities that can be accessed * Optimal form of muscle relaxation with infrared * Massages and relaxes the neck and back * Works Disadvantages: * None known As you can see, with Neck Relax you have no disadvantages to worry about. The neck massager has only advantages and not only works with a very gentle method, there are also no side effects or after-effects, over you need to worry about Different programs and intensities ensure a wide range of applications with a focus on the back and neck Individual pain treatment is therefore easily possible A targeted and long-term application can also be used when using the Neck RelaxReviews for neck relaxation During our research, we also looked for other opinions and wanted to know how well people get along with the neck massager. The Neck Relax is already being used by some and also quite successfully. Many of them are enthusiastic because it is so easy to use and does not cause any difficulties. Others had no idea how to use one before Used neck massager, but quickly learned to appreciate neck relaxation.Many people not only use it in a concentrated manner when they are in pain, but also in between to simply give their body a deep relaxation option.Therefore, most users were very fed up with Neck Relax rieden and would use it again and again. Happy to recommend it to others We couldn’t find any negative testimonials Visit the official website for more customer reviews! Are there any problems with Neck Relax? We have read numerous opinions about the neck massager and were also able to get an idea based on other reviews. We can therefore say that there were no problems at all with the Neck Relax. and can ensure that once you have familiarized yourself with the functions of the neck massager, you will not have any problems.However, it is always advisable to consult the user manual if you have any questions.This is the only way to ensure that there are no problems where I can Neck Relax to buy? The Neck Relax is best ordered directly from the manufacturer. Here you have the opportunity to use a shop on your website that also offers extended offers. In this shop you not only have the option of using tiered offers, but can also save a lot of money Because these offers are often put together in such a way that you get not just one device, but several. On this basis, you always have one on hand when the other’s batteries run out. The advantage: These tiered offers are often at a lower price than a single one Device available Therefore it is always advisable to use them The problem: They are not always available Therefore it makes sense to use them when they are there Because once they are gone you don’t really know when and in what form they are So if you have the chance, take it, to order yourself you need to fill out a form on the manufacturer’s website just have to enter some details and in the next step you can choose how you want to pay Here you can use methods such as Paypal or credit card These options are very safe and easy to use Afterwards the order is simply sent To get a complete overview of the order, the manufacturer sends an e-mail in which everything is listed again At this point in time there is still the option to change something in the order.Afterwards, when the Neck Relax is delivered, the supplier sends another e-mail in this e-mail Mail you will find a delivery link so you can easily check where the package is This way you can estimate when the package will arrive It will be delivered to your door — Visit the official website here! — Who is the supplier of the product? Prestige Alliance Limited 48 Bi-State Plaza 617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675Homepage: https: // wwwHaveneckrelaxcom / E-Mail: support @ haveneckrelax General information about the neck massager If you look around the Internet and are looking for a good neck massager, you will get complete lists The overview is relatively broad and confusing, however, there are also many reports of the different models and many of them indicate that they do not achieve the effect promised by the manufacturer.Many people still have problems after using these devices and it does not promise lasting success for you use these products over and over to no avail The discomfort persists and they stop using the devices Neck Relax is slightly different, however, most of the users who used the neck massager reported excruciating pain and expected a lot from this alternative They first used it and noticed then that yours Pain was relieved Muscle relaxation was very possible. Some of them took some time, but they also reported that Neck Relax helped them very well in relieving their pain. They also benefited in the long term from using the device over and over for prophylaxis the official website here to find a discounted price! Known FAQs About This Product In this section we want to answer the final questions that may have gone unanswered as you read it * Q: What technology do you use in Neck Relax? * A: In addition to infrared technology, elements such as ultrasonic waves or EMS are also used * Q: Does the device even suit me? * A: Since you can easily adjust the collar, it should fit everyone.It can be stretched up to 160 degrees so it fits well * Q: Can the device be used on the neck only? * A: No, thanks to the impulse patches, you can also use it on your back if there is pain there * Q: How long should I use the product? * A: The manufacturer states that you should use the device regularly for a period of about ten minutes.After about two to three times a day, you should notice an improvement over the next few days.A lasting effect will occur over and over again with repeated use, according to Mike Vaughn a blogger from a larger, enthusiastic team who loves reviewing products based on personal research, his contact email is mvaughn-revs @ gmailcom you can contact him anytime you wish.This press release is for disclosure by the creator of the content only For informational purposes, the information does not constitute advice or an offer to buy Any purchase from this story is at your own risk Before making such a purchase, consult a professional advisor Any purchase made through this link is subject to the final terms and conditions of the website on which the product is sold wed takes over this version he direct or indirect responsibility Contact the supplier of the product directly [Brand Story by KISS PR Story PressWire https: // storykissprcom] This message was published for the above source Mike Vaughn [ID = 15914] Disclaimer: The PR is ” As is “Provided without express or implied warranty of any kind: The content publisher provides the information without warranty of any kind. We also assume no responsibility or liability for the legal facts, the accuracy of the content, photos, videos if you have complaints or copyright problems in connection with this article, please contact the above provider Appendix * Neck Relaxation – Neck Massager

The famous Italian manufacturer is aiming for a lofty goal for 2021 after its worst F1 season in 40 years

Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, has announced class action lawsuits on behalf of buyers of the securities of GoodRx Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ: GDRX) between Jan. September 2020 and 16 November 2020 inclusive (the “Class Period”) The lawsuit seeks to seek damages for GoodRx investors under federal securities laws

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Haltain Developments Corp (“Haltain” or the “Company”) announces that its previously announced non-binding letter of intent with ScreenPro Security Ltd has ended and the proposed transactions will not continue.For more information on the Letter of Intent and the transactions foreseen, please refer to the company’s press release dated Jan. June 2020 On behalf of the Board of Directors “Rodney Gelineau” DirectorForward Looking Statements: Any statements contained in this press release that relate to activities, events or developments that the company expects, believes or expects to occur or will occur in the future, are forward-looking statements These forward-looking statements contain numerous assumptions by the company based on its experience, perceptions of historical trends, current conditions, expected future developments and other factors as it deems appropriate under the given circumstances.In addition, these statements contain significant known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause the predictions, projections, projections and other forward-looking statements to prove inaccurate, some of which are beyond the control of the company.In particular, there is no guarantee that that the parties negotiate successfully and reach a final agreement on mutually acceptable terms or complete the transaction in the manner provided here, if at all, that the due diligence of either party is satisfactory that the Concurrent Funding will be entered into, that the proceeds of any Concurrent Funding will be used for the purposes set forth herein, or that the parties obtain the necessary approvals from the Board of Directors, shareholders, third parties and / or regulators or other government agencies as necessary Dependent on Statements Except as required by law, the company does not intend to revise or update these forward-looking statements after the date of this agreement, or to revise them to reflect the occurrence of future unexpected events Contact Name: Rodney Gelineau Contact Number: 1 (604) 353-6670 Contact – Email: rgelineau1969 @ gmailcom

Darren Beadman says Paulele joins Godolphin’s top two-year-old band after setting his perfect record with a win at Randwick

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Green Growth Brands Inc (CSE: GGB) (OTCQB: GGBXF) (“GGB” or the “Company”) and some of its direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries (collectively the “Applicants”) today updated their bankruptcy proceedings under the Creditors Arrangement Act (Canada) (“CCAA”) As previously announced, the applicants applied for and applied for Protection by the CCAA from the Ontario Supreme Court (the “Court”) May 18, 2020 December 2020 the Court of Justice issued two orders, including (a) an amendment of 17 Greenspace LLC (“All Js”) dated Dec. 19, 2020 (the “DIP Change”) to the Owned Debtor Term Sheet between the Company and All Js May 2020 in the currently valid version; and (b) the stay of proceedings under the CCAA up to and including May 26 A copy of the orders issued and entered by the court, the DIP change, and other court materials and information relating to the applicants’ CCAA process, all of which may be updated or changed from time to time, are on Ernst’s maintained website available & Young Incin his capacity as the Court Appointed Monitor (“Monitor”) the Applicant at wwweycom / ca / ​​ggbi All inquiries regarding the CCAA process should be directed to the Monitor. Applicants intend to provide further updates to the CCAA process if material Developments Pending Approval for Florida License Transfer The Company previously announced the expiration of the grace period under the terms of the Forbearance Agreement with Green Ops Group LLC (“Green Ops”) and the subsequent start of the approval process by Green Ops by the state to Florida transfers the cannabis- License from Spring Oaks Greenhouses, Inc The transfer of the cannabis license to Green Ops was announced on Jan. Florida State Approves Approval to Transfer Licenses for Nevada December 2020 The Company announced today that the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (“CCB”) has approved the transfer of licenses for Nevada Organic Remedies LLC, Henderson Organic Remedies LLC, and Wellness Orchards of Nevada LLC has received under the previously announced and approved Stalking Horse Agreement between the Company, All Js and Capital Transfer Agency, ULC, in its capacity as trustee of the debtor, of the aggregate principal amount of $ 15500$ 000 (A) of 45500$ 00000% Secured Convertible Notes with a term ending on Jan. May 2020 and (B) 23717$ 000 total face value of 500% secured convertible bonds maturing in 2024. CCB approval is subject to payment of an agreed penalty by the GGB in connection with the establishment and insertion of certain intermediaries by the GGB prior to formal approval by Nevada regulators on Green Growth Brands Inc Green Growth Brands is licensed to operate cannabis operations in Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida Trademarks owned by CAMP, The Source, and 8FoldWarningsForward-Looking Information Certain information in this press release constitutes forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws.All statements contained in this press release that are not historical Presenting facts may be viewed as forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are often identified by the use of terms such as “may”, “should”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “intend”, “forecast” and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements necessarily contain known and unknown Risks including, without limitation, risks associated with general economic conditions adverse events in industry; Marketing costs; Loss of markets; future legislative and regulatory developments related to medical marijuana and recreational marijuana; Inability to access sufficient capital from internal and external sources and / or inability to access sufficient capital on favorable terms; the marijuana industry in the United States, income tax and regulatory issues; the company’s ability to execute its business strategies; Competition; Currency and interest rate fluctuations and other risks, including those under the heading “Risk Factors” in (i) the Company’s Annual Information Form dated December 26, November 2018, which is available in the company’s issuer profile on SEDAR and (ii) the company’s brief prospectus dated November 15, 2018 August 2019 Readers are cautioned that the above list is not exhaustive. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as there can be no guarantee that the plans, intentions or expectations on which they are made will Although such information is believed to be reasonable by management at the time of preparation, it could prove to be incorrect and actual results could differ materially from those expected. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release speak as of the date of this release and the company undertakes no obligation to update or revise forward-looking information as a result of new information, future events or for any other reason, unless required by law, securities laws. 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With many people’s Christmas plans ruined, Medical Director Paul Kelly has praised Sydney’s northern beach community for self-imposed virus restrictions

Before watching the CNN Live special, Dr Sheba Roy ND FABNO discusses the potential health benefits of psilocybin and CBD in the data via ZoomTUCSON, AZ, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Anything Technologies Media, Inc (OTC: EXMT) and Minerco, Inc (OTC: MINE) announced today that they have teamed up to offer the first ever “Shroom Zoom” Viewing and Q&A regarding the potential health benefits of psilocybin and CBD, so visit us on Sunday the 20th December, at 9:00 p.m. EST for an engaging and dynamic zoom presentation by Dr. Sheba Roy, a supportive cancer specialist at Associates of Integrative Medicine in Michigan DR Roy’s clinic hosts masters and doctoral level counselors treating trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief and loss with a powerful combination of therapeutic counseling, nutrition and natural therapies that we will be the Watch discussion with a zoomed view of the CNN Live Special “Psychedelic Healing” which will be released at 10pm EST by Lisa Ling https: // wwwcnncreativemarketingcom / project / thisislife / This Is Life With Lisa Ling is a groundbreaking documentary series that shines the light on that throws up what was formally considered “taboo subjects” and how they can change the way we think about ourselves and the world around us December will highlight the emerging science of psilocybin and CBD in treating mental health issues and achieving optimal wellness goalsAfter the CNN live special, we will have a live Q&A session with Dr Roy of Zoom Minerco, Inc and Anything Technologies Media are committed to providing exceptional opportunities for our communities to be at the forefront of transformative healingWatch with us and register below: https: // zoomus / meet / register / tJYod-mvqTotGdJuRrBhoodPnOWLnYPhA0ivAbout Anything Technologies Media, Inc (OTC: EXMT) Anything Technologies Media is a manufacturing and marketing company engaged in the sale and marketing of CBD Health products and software applications ATM is the parent company of the subsidiaries and focuses on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies and the manufacturing sector Company and its partners each have their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and sales.The goal of ATM is to combine the expertise of our team members to create a cohesive force that drives the company on the Advancing MarketAbout Minerco, Inc (OTC: MINE) Minerco, Inc (OTC: MINE) was recently acquired by a psilocybin research and investment firm and is becoming the world’s first publicly traded company to focus on the research, manufacture and distribution of psilocybin mushrooms.MINE has also developed Blockchain Token SHRU to provide a Create payment gateway for retail purchasesPlease follow https: // twittercom / minercoincInvestor Relationsminers @ minercoincabout Sonoran Flower LLC https: // sonoranflowercom / storeSonoran Flower is based on the belief that nature contains everything we need to heal We are a multifaceted organization, who wholesalers and retailers grows, processes and sells hemp products.We source and produce high quality hemp seeds, smokable hemp flowers, hemp biomass, distillates, isolates and products such as vape, lotions, ointments and hemp beverages.To purchase Sonoran Flower CBD products, call 520-303 -HEMP (4367) Follow us on Twitter @ https: // twittercom / AnyTwastechmedFollow us on Instagram @ https: // wwwinstagramcom / AnyTwascbdmeds / About Amethyst Beverage: https: // wwwAmethystgetränkcom / Amethyst Beverage, a Reno, NV, based company, was founded in Founded October 2016 primarily as a guideline in support of a philanthropy initiative against cancer related to children and adults Part of all sales will go to several organizations nationally Amethyst Beverage is currently the only water on the market that is patented, USDA organic, vegan and holds kosher certifications, and it is also the only flavored water (strawberry / watermelon, orange / mango, pineapple / coconut, cran / razz, cucumber / mint and peach) alkaline water with fulvic acid, which also contains 70 ionic minerals in the Safe Harbor Declaration Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements that may also be Management’s expectations, estimates, projections and assumptions are based on words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “plans,” “believes,” “plans,” “estimates” and variations of these words and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, as amended. 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World News – AU – The finale of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ confirms another Star Wars spin-off