Posted: 01:03 GMT, 6 January 2021 | Updated: 01:17 GMT, Jan. January 2021

A popular dessert shop defiantly refused to get its employees to wear masks because it encountered strict new rules for covering faces as a “crime against humanity”

Love Crepe in Sydney’s inner-western suburb, Drummoyne, targeted the city’s mandatory mask-wearing in an angry social media post on Wednesday

“Love Crepe believes wearing a mask is a crime against humanity,” reads the post on the company’s Facebook page

The store has also tagged British billionaire Alki David in the mail – a vocal critic of masked orders who has called the global coronavirus crisis a “fraud”

Love Crepe – a dessert bar in the Drummoyne suburb of inner-west Sydney – has furiously focused on the city’s new rules that mandate masks in select interiors as “crimes against humanity.”

Commuters will be seen wearing masks at a Sydney train station on Sunday Masks must now be worn indoors including shopping malls and on public transport

Hospitality workers – including those who work in dessert bars – must wear a mask under the updated restrictions

Customers are exempt from wearing one, however, as the rules don’t cover restaurants or cafes

Those who violate government ordinance introduced on Sunday to limit the spread of coronavirus after the Northern Beaches outbreak will be fined $ 200

Love Crepe co-founder Nick Kondilis has repeatedly posted posts on his Facebook page poking fun at the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and the need to order masks

“We live in a world so wrong that people are afraid of the truth,” read a post he shared

The protest follows dozens of anti-mask and vaccine protesters demonstrating against the new rules at a shopping mall in Bondi Junction, east Sydney, on Sunday

Pictured: Food from Love Crepe’s menu “Love Crepe believes wearing a mask is a crime against humanity,” read the post on the company’s Facebook page on Wednesday

Nick Kondilis, co-founder of Love Crepe, has repeatedly posted posts on his Facebook page mocking the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine

The anti-maskers mingled with other buyers who wore face coverings, pushing wild and unproven claims like “masks increase your risk of infection”

A sign read, “I fully support your right to hide in your house and wear a diaper until you can take an untested Vax, as long as you fully support my right not to do any of these things support ‘

The protesters marched through the mall and also took their message to the surrounding streets, where masked shoppers lined up to enter stores

Protesters in Bondi Junction sang chants such as “I would rather be human than a slave” on Sunday as they took their anti-mask message on the street

NSW Health Secretary Brad Hazzard spoke out on Monday urging anti-maskers to stay home and not endanger lives if they refuse to cover their faces

“I’ve noticed that there have been some demonstrations in the past 24 hours that suggest that some people don’t like the idea of ​​a mask,” Hazzard said

“If you don’t like the idea of ​​a mask, stay at home or outside

Gladys Berejiklian, Prime Minister of New South Wales, announced that face masks would be mandatory for all Greater Sydney residents ages 11 and upSaturday at 59 p.m.

If a resident leaves their home, they must wear a mask when visiting these interior settings:

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