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Matisse Thybulle had a tough start this season The Philadelphia 76ers’ sophomore wing missed many training camps with an ankle injury and later missed three games in early January due to health and safety protocols after Seth Curry’s COVID-19 test was understandably positive Thybulle not at his best to start the season, showing the same weaknesses on offense while making a few too many defensive mistakes, from overly aggressive fouls to unnecessary gambling that got him out of position

On the offensive, Thybulle is still essentially the same (although his slightly heightened instinct and activity as a cutter were positive early on) But on the defensive, Thybulle has returned in impressive form since returning from three games.He is locked up, as disruptive as never before, has less gambling and plays at elite level And in the nine games he has played since his return, he steals an average of 23 and 11 blocks in 197 minutes per game

His best defensive performance of the season so far came in the Sixers’ comeback win between 119 and 110 against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. After the Sixers were 20 points and even 16 points behind in the fourth quarter, they made one in the last 8 minutes Run 31-6 to completely turn the game around. The big change at the center of her late success was the move to a 2-3 zone in the fourth quarter, with Thybulle starring

Zone defense can’t be used too widely in the NBA, especially against strong shooting teams, but it can be too simple enough to achieve a decent three-point look if you keep the ball moving well, zone defense spells can be effective when used selectively against the right opponents This makes sense against a Pacers team that only ranks 19th in three-point attempts (34 per game) and 20th in efficiency Place (35) occupied7) Without too many three-point gunners and a guard like TJ McConnell in the game, which offers no threat of three (and played 10 minutes in the fourth quarter), threw the Sixers’ 2-3 zone off the Pacers completely

Thybulle was absolutely dominant.He constantly broke passes outside, dug in time, interrupted the drives, stuck the ball away from the guards and Domantas Sabonis in the lane and suppressed attempts to jump in the middle of the zone and at the arch (he had a phenomenal Closing block on a Malcolm Brogdon Triple) Thybulle finished the game with 4 steals, 2 blocks, and 5 distractions in 25 minutes

“You can basically cut off the top of the floor and I thought these two guys [Thybulle and Ben Simmons] did that,” Doc Rivers said after the game, speaking about switching to using the zone

Here are some highlights from Matisse Thybulle’s dominant defense against the Pacers, including his devastation in the Sixers 2-3 zone, ending the game with 4 steals, 2 blocks, and 5 distractions in 25 minutes picTwittercom / MKEyZkXChI

Thybulle, who played a lot of zone defense during his college days in Washington, certainly had fun

“At certain points you just have to throw something out to change something and things didn’t go our way We said, “Let’s just try a zone,” said Thybulle

“We joked about it in the locker room,” he added, “but it was like going back to the good old days of the Zone when I was in college and I could just do whatever I wanted , but now with a little more structure. It was fun. We just threw it together and played it through hard and did a few things ”

Thybulle said it was great to play at the top of the zone alongside Ben Simmons.As was to be expected, with their length, speed, effort and instinct, the duo were utterly disruptive, flying around the court and breaking fast lanes “It probably sucked for the other team,” Thybulle said with a laugh. “Whenever Ben and I can get out there and start playing defense together and making things happen, we love it”

“Probably about five minutes,” said Tobias Harris when asked how much the Sixers worked on the zone in practice. “And I’m not exaggerating I’m being honest with you. It was a training session, we did it just looked at it a little and it was really in preparation for another team we played against in that game zone. That was about it ”

Doc Rivers brought in former long-time Pacers assistant coach Dan Burke as his defensive coordinator Philly Burke has, and has so far been, a reputation for both his basketball wit and how to get the most out of his players He helped make some schematic changes – like a more aggressive pick and roll defense where Joel Embiid rose against more screens – and he suggested the Sixers use a zone against Indiana before the game even starts

“Dan remembered the game last year when I was with the Clippers It was very similar, “explained Rivers.” We went downstairs, went into the zone and won the game. We talked about it before the game and he said, ‘I know it’s a different team, but that affected us.’ what Indiana means last year. He said if we get in trouble tonight let’s go. So we talked about it before the game. ”

“I just wanted to get them out of the rhythm I thought they had such a great rhythm against us for those three quarters”

The Sixers also mentioned the importance of communication after the game. Harris credited the zone with the team talking more about defense, while Rivers said the players could hear the coaches and everyone on the bench talking because the team defended in front of the bank (and there was no crowd either)

Thybulle is now an average of 16 steals and 08 blocks in 161 minutes per game this season.Per 36 minutes he leads the NBA in thefts (35) and sags (66) with comfortable margins (for players with at least 50 minutes playing time)

Doc Rivers and the rest of his coaching staff are pleased with the progress Thybulle has made.They have seen him develop naturally and know how important it was for him to just adjust to a new defense system and after training camp getting healthy The Sixers coaches have also set themselves the goal of breaking the film with Thybulle and showing him where to change his approach, reduce gambling and maximize how much he can help the team

“I think the two things are that he had to get better,” Rivers said. “He basically missed the whole camp. Second, he had to learn how to play our defense. As good as he is, we thought so early, he plays, he gets himself into a lot of bad situations. He was allowed to do this and we don’t – we just can’t

“You have to be solid and be a team defender with his ability as a lone defender and now that you make him a great team defender he has no limits in the different places we can use him. He was just absolutely wonderful”

Of course, Tybulles jump shot (231 percent of three this season and 332 percent for his career) and his offenses in general take a lot of work.But Thybull was exactly as Rivers described it in defense – absolutely wonderful, he plays with his Strengthen and do so with more control with the way he is tormenting opponents right now, he seems ready to put in more outstanding defensive performances like his night against the Pacers

Matisse Thybulle

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