Pressure on the cabinet minister at the center of a historic rape allegation to step down and conduct a judicial investigation into the claims is mounting

The accused minister, who firmly denies all allegations, is expected to make a public statement on Wednesday and reiterate his firm rejection of the brutal attack

The New Daily contacted the office of a cabinet minister who had been the subject of much speculation online but received no response

Ahead of Wednesday’s much-anticipated statement, the minister sought advice from respected defamation attorney Peter Bartlett, a partner of MinterEllison

As pressure increased on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to investigate the allegations, the man raped a 16-year-old girl in 1988. The woman at the center of the allegations died in 2020

“We have a senior cabinet minister who has been charged with a serious crime and who is questioning his integrity and, at the moment, the integrity of the entire cabinet,” he told Seven Network on Wednesday

Mr Bradley believes the Secretary should resign pending an independent investigation into the claim

He also said it was an “appropriate” step for the defendant to make a public announcement

“I hope he digs into the claim right away, and we’ll all hear what he thinks about it, and that will somehow determine what the next step should be”

“I also hope that at some point he or someone in the government will say something that recognizes my client’s humanity, which has unfortunately been absent so far”

Mr Bradley said the man should be presumed innocent until proven guilty and, given the NSW police’s decision to declare the matter closed, “that presumption of innocence will always stand”

The woman concerned went to the police in 2020 but decided to withdraw the complaint before she committed suicide in June

NSW police stopped their investigation into the historical allegations Tuesday because there was insufficient admissible evidence to proceed

“The detail she told, the clarity with which she told it, and the clear effect it had on her, all of these things won me over as soon as she was telling the truth,” she told ABC / p>

Mr Morrison, who insists this is a police matter, has previously said that the member of his Cabinet vigorously denies the allegations

On Wednesday, Nationals Senator Matt Canavan said he could see no reason why the accused minister should not continue his role

“But if the mere allegation or making of an allegation resulted in someone being removed from office, obviously that is a very dangerous precedent”

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce supports an independent investigation but wants to keep it behind closed doors to avoid media trial

Pauline Wright, president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, said independent investigations were routinely conducted in government and corporate settings

“The Australian people deserve to get to the bottom of this,” Ms. Wright told ABC Radio

The South Australian coroner is investigating the woman’s death, but it is uncertain whether this will lead to a coronial investigation

The government has been under intense scrutiny for more than two weeks after former Liberal worker Brittany Higgins alleged she was raped by a colleague in the House of Parliament in 2019

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