Jetstar had to apologize after instructing a passenger to “cover up” on a flight from the Gold Coast to Melbourne

As seen in the video above, Instagram model Isabelle Eleanore used social media to vent after being “humiliated” when airline staff decided that her black crop top and jeans should be worn were unsuitable for flying

“Apparently my top is too small and I couldn’t fly without covering it up”If I had small breasts, they would definitely not have said anything,” she wrote on Monday evening in an Instagram story to her 49000 followers

“You made me wear a safety vest. Am I lost, is it 1921, not 2021? “

The model stated that the flight crew “made a huge scene” when boarding the plane and “waited in front of everyone while they looked for something to cover me up”

“Then I had to go all the way to my seat in this vest, that’s discrimination and humiliation,” she wrote

She also shared a clip with a flight attendant who gave her the safety vest and said, “That’s all I have right now”

In a statement on Tuesday, Isabelle said it was “archaic” to be “publicly shamed and humiliated over a piece of clothing”

“A minority of people believe I am using this as an opportunity for media attention, but this is, in fact, that I stand up for myself and anyone who has ever felt personally bullied by anyone,” wrote they

“I’m glad this happened to me because I’m strong enough to get past it without it affecting my life, and I can take this opportunity to try to change something to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else””

“We contacted Isabelle about her recent experience and apologized for the way the situation was handled,” a Jetstar spokesperson told 7NEWScomau

“There was a misunderstanding of our guidelines and we reminded our crew of our clothing requirements

“While we have basic clothing requirements (ie shoes) on our flights, we do not have a crop top policy”

The minimum clothing requirements are listed on the Jetstar website However, passengers only have to wear safe shoes and are not allowed to wear “offensive clothing”

“Please do not wear clothing or personal items that contain words, images, symbols, or slogans that could reasonably be considered offensive,” it says

Isabelle Eleanore

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