Two days of queues and up to six hours of delays in coronavirus test clinics in southeast Queensland have occurred because “people just picked one Few clinics” rather than spreading out across all of the test sites, so Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer

More fever clinics are opening across the state, and existing clinics are expanding their hours to accommodate the thousands of people who have reported for tests since Saturday when Dr. Young asked everyone who was on or since Jan. December had been in Victoria to be tested immediately

There were no community broadcasts in Queensland for 110 days on Sunday, and it was also a year since Dr Young was first informed of a new virus in China that turned out to be COVID-19

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on social media that Queensland had no new COVID-19 cases on Sunday The state’s total number of active cases remained unchanged at 13, either in quarantine or in hospital

Dr Young said that last week Nov.341 COVID-19 tests were done in Queensland and she asked people to go to the Queensland Health website or call 13 HEALTH (13 432584) to find clinics nearby

“We had 76 fever clinics open across Queensland yesterday [Saturday] and 18 were in the southeast corner of the state,” said Dr Young on Sunday

“We are opening more fever clinics and increasing working hours due to the quick response of people who come in for testing

“Testing facilities are available seven days a week and include dedicated fever clinics and transit locations, private laboratories, and Commonwealth-operated clinics

There were four-hour queues at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital testing clinic on Saturday after Dr Young announced that she had been since Jan. December were in Victoria

“RBWH worked with people who weren’t tested [on Saturday] and sorted them out to get tested this morning. They’ve been researching their resources at these fever clinics,” she said

“But there are a lot of other clinics I think people only picked a few clinics instead of looking at all of the available clinics”

Nine News Melbourne reporter Elisabeth Moss – part of Nine Entertainment Cowho owns this publication – was tested at the RBWH on Saturday after it was January had flown from Melbourne to her family

“I waited more than four hours by the time I got there a line was already forming from the emergency to the road by the time I was there it really started to fill up and creep back,” she said

“I was tested after 10pm [the testing clinic was supposed to close at 9pm] and the staff were incredibly friendly and positive I feel for them because they had no idea we were all going to show up

“There were some young children who did really well at being entertained for four hours. Obviously nobody wanted to wait four hours, but nobody got really frustrated”

LNP Shadow Health spokeswoman Ros Bates said Saturday RBWH lines were “appalling and unforgivable”

“The Labor government feared Queenslanders would be tested, but when they drove to answer the call, they were turned away,” she said

Dr Young said hospital and health directors have been warned that more testing may need to be done

“I alerted our hospital and healthcare – and also the directors-general – before Christmas and said there was a risk that we would have to set up additional testing clinics every day and they had to be prepared for what they all were,” she said on Sunday

“They all had plans and processes for surges. Then I met with senior executives on Thursday morning – between Christmas and New Years – to say again that things are escalating and I fear we may need to set up more test clinics So you were kept in the loop all the way “

Dr Young said there was no need to extend the border restrictions to Victoria at this point, but she has asked all Queensland elderly care facilities, disabled communities and prisons to stop visits from people who have been since May 21 December in Victoria are to restrict

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