Ninety doctors and science leaders have written to the NSW Governor asking for the immediate pardon of convicted baby killer Kathleen Folbigg and released from prison, saying her children’s deaths were not her fault

The 14-page petition argues that Folbigg should be granted a pardon based on significant scientific evidence of natural causes of death for their children

Folbigg was jailed for at least 25 years in 2003 after she was found guilty of killing her four babies Caleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura â ???? in the decade of 1989 The four children all died between the ages of 19 days and 19 months

An investigation in 2018 found that the genomes of the Folbigg children had been sequenced and that the two female Folbigg children had a novel mutation in the CALM2 gene, the petition says

“Mutations in this gene are one of the most well-known causes of sudden death in infancy and childhood, both asleep and while awake,” the petition reads

Ms. Folbigg’s beliefs were based on the prosecution’s theory that she suffocated all four children, however, there is no medical evidence of suffocationâ ????

???? The governor should have no doubt that the Kathleen Folbigg case is utterly awkward, based on the assumption that the likelihood of four children from a family dying of natural causes is so unlikely that it is practically impossible to penetrate that logic the process and investigation of 2019

â ???? Based on the evidence presented to the investigation and the new scientific evidence from the international group of experts that investigated the CALM2 mutation, a reasonable person should have doubts that Ms. Folbigg killed her four children, if you decide otherwise, reject the medicine and that Law that sets the standard of evidenceâ ????

The President of the Australian Academy of Sciences, Professor John Shine AC, 2009 Nobel Laureate Emeritus Elizabeth Blackburn AC, and former Chief Scientist of Australian Professor Emeritus Ian Chubb AC are among the signatories of the petition

“Given the scientific and medical evidence now available on this case, it was the right thing to sign this petition,” Professor Shine said

â ???? These matters are incredibly complex. As our scientific knowledge deepens, so does complexity, which also makes the work of the courts more complex

â ???? We want to work more closely with the legal community to ensure that the evidence presented in court is presented as accurately as possible using the most appropriate experts and the most up-to-date scienceâ ????

Carola Vinuesa, a professor of immunology at the Australian National University, gave evidence of an investigation into Ms. Folbigg’s beliefs and was asked to analyze the genome of Folbigg and her four children in early 2019

???? There is credible medical and pathological evidence in all four of Folbigg’s children, including new, peer-reviewed genetic findings published by an international team of 27 scientists published in a top international cardiology journal last year Natural Causes of Death? Professor Vinuesa said

â ???? It is our responsibility as academics to assist our legal peers so they can rely on scientific, peer-reviewed evidence and ensure domain experts are available to solve the problems of a tough legal caseâ ????

Folbigg seeks to overturn the results of the 2019 Inquisition that increased her guilt for the murders of Patrick, Sarah, and Laura and the manslaughter of Caleb

Last month, Folbigg’s attorney raised the possibility that her husband might be responsible for the deaths of their four children, but the argument was put down as a “red herring” by John Basten, Supreme Court Justice

Kathleen Folbigg

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