AFL chief Gillon McLachlan has commended Eddie McGuire for putting the club and his family first as President of Collingwood with immediate effect in light of the damn report of racism in the club

An emotional McGuire resigned from the presidency, and the board, after 23 years in the role, accepted that it was untenable for him to continue in the current environment and admitted that he had become a “lightning rod for vitriol.” ??

McGuire was scheduled to step down in late 2021, but was under heavy pressure after the release of “Do Better” Report on racism at the Pies McGuire had called the filing of the historical report a “proud day” However, after its publication last week, the comment only sparked public reaction to the report and prompted McGuire to report to the club’s annual general meeting that he had “misunderstood”

“Eddie” has always been a priority for his family and Collingwood in that order, and today he put them first and is leaving after a great tenure so someone else can come in to take over the club, ??? ?? McLachlan said

AFL commission chair Richard Goyder also released a statement recognizing McGuire’s contribution to the club and the game, but he also accepted that now was not the time to praise McGuire’s contributions other than to say he left his club better than he found it

“Eddie’s Actions Today” demonstrated his commitment to putting Collingwood Football Club first and ensuring the club’s focus was on implementing the 18 recommendations of the Do Better report ??? Said Goyder

Pressure on McGuire has increased over the past week when indigenous leaders, politicians and a former AFL player wrote an open letter urging him to step down

The announcement came when the club’s jumper sponsor, insurer CGU, said it had decided to redirect $ 1 million of sponsorship money to racial relations and equality programs this year.The club’s sponsorship is ending this year and they have already said that they will not try to renew it

On Tuesday, McGuire convened a press conference to announce that he had retired from his position 23 years ago at his 34th birthday Birthday had resigned He took no questions

The club’s board of directors will meet in the coming days to elect a replacement, with Peter Murphy being heavily preferred for the job, and Mark Korda, who has been on the board since 2007, is likely to push for the position as well

“I try my best and I don’t always get it right, but I don’t stop trying,” said McGuire

â ???? Because we’re so busy, so much good to do, and with the disruptions and pressures of COVID-19, I’ve pledged to continue my presidency until the end of this season

“I don’t think it’s fair or sustainable for the club or the community, however”People stuck to my opening line last week and as a result, I’ve become a lightning rod for vitriol, but worse, I’ve put the club in a position where it’s difficult to get our plans going in clear airâ €”? ???

He said his “only motivation” as president had been to heal, unite, inspire, and fuel a new social conscience

Listing a long series of programs that Collingwood ran for the community, he said, “We’re not a racist organization, far from it

“That’s why I’m so proud of our club and the people who benefit from it every day and every week, who are inspired by the very purpose of being Collingwood and who are meant to be”a beacon of hope for all people, especially those who are deepest or have been socially isolated and left behindâ ????

???? For our playgroup, for our Collingwood champions, I want them to have no distractions and a clear mind when it comes to representing the club, winning the flag and creating the club we want

â ???? When I got to Collingwood it was a club of rivalries, enemies and division that wasn’t the case in my day so I don’t want any of this to cause rancor or factions, so it’s better to quit the club by the end of the year until accelerate nowâ ????

The 35-page independent report released last week was spearheaded by Heritier Lumumba’s allegations of racism, found that Collingwood had an unhealthy culture of protecting people from the club, Lumumba refused to participate in the report, saying he doubts Collingwood’s rigor in solving the problems

Eddie McGuire

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