The Netflix original Moxie follows a shy teenager who – inspired by her mother’s rebellious past full of protests against patriarchy – publishes an anonymous zine proclaiming the sexist politics of her school.The film shows Amy Poehler as a former protester , Hadley Robinson as a shy but empowered teenager, as well as Josephine Langford, Nico Hiraga, and Patrick Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger plays Moxies Mitchel Wilson: the soccer captain who happens to be a selfish, misogynistic bully who believes he’s untouchable and he’s also a sexual predator Schwarzenegger plays a pretty big role in the film, and the actor is slowly rising that Up the Hollywood ladder While not as famous as his Terminator dad, he has appeared in a handful of other productions

The Long Road Home is a 2017 miniseries about American forces raided in a neighborhood in Baghdad while they occupy Iraq.The series premiered with strong critical reviews and was hailed as a respectful tribute to soldiers and their families. p>

In the show, Schwarzenegger plays Sgt Ben Hayhurst and appears in all 8 episodes. The show is based on a true story U.S. Calvary Division.He served as Bradley Gunner and team leader in the 2004 Siege of Sadr City that wounded him, according to Historica’s Fan Community

Although he had a few small roles in films and shows prior to The Long Road Home, the miniseries gave Schwarzenegger’s career a little boost from 2018 to 2020, and he starred in three more projects (before Moxie 2021)

In Midnight Sun, Schwarzenegger plays Bella Thorne in a film about a 17-year-old girl who suffers from an illness that prevents her from being outside in the sunlight

Schwarzenegger plays Daniel in Daniel Isn’t Real The film follows a freshman Luke who resuscitates his imaginary friend Daniel after trauma, but Luke does so without knowing how dangerous Daniel can be

In Echo Boomers, Schwarzenegger plays one of five college graduates who set out to return to their unfair economy and claim the life they’ve always wanted … by stealing from the rich

Schwarzenegger will also appear in the upcoming films Warning and Stowaway The former project is completed while the latter is in preproduction

Patrick Schwarzenegger

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