Mel Buttle has revealed she was offered a role in I Am A Celebrity for a number from Years ???? but turned it down for two reasons

Comedian Mel Buttle has revealed why she has turned down multiple offers in the past to appear on I’m A Celeb

The popular personality eventually said yes to appearing on this season of the reality show, but she didn’t last long and left the show because of her snake phobia

Speaking to NewscomAu, Buttle said her phobia is the main reason she has turned down so many offers to appear on the show in the past

“I said no at the beginning (about this season) and no for a few years now,” said Buttle. “It was just an apartment, no. I didn’t want to have any more conversations and thought,” No, that’s the snake show ‘”

But the producers had “many phone calls” with Buttle and eventually convinced them to say yes

Given the strong fear of snakes, some scratch their heads as to why Buttle said yes to a show in the jungle

Talking to NewscomAu, Buttle said her mind had been calmed by producers who assured her they would keep queues out of the campground

“What I thought was this is a TV show, you will stay safe,” Buttle said “They have obviously done this show before, they know what they are doing, they will not let queues over in bed climb us ”

Newscomau asked Buttle if the producers had made her a deal that meant she wouldn’t have to take part in challenges that involved snakes, like the one where Toni Pearen was bitten in the face by jungle carpet pythons

When Buttle left the campsite, she joked with her co-stars: “I know I’ll regret it, but I can always get a Bachelor In Paradise”

Since the show was taped weeks ago, we asked Buttle if she regretted her decision to end the show so early

“If I had time again, I would probably still make the same decision,” Buttle told the news comau. “I’ve thought about it a lot over the past few weeks, I don’t regret it, but I miss my other roommates”

The comedian also revealed that it wasn’t just a fear of snakes that had kept her from saying yes to the show in the past – buttle also worried about some not-so-beautiful celebs

“That was my fear up there with snakes,” Buttle told Newscomau. “I thought to myself,” You’re going to use a mean person who will cause conflict, and I won’t deal with it because I hate fights “

I am a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Ash Williams, Toni Pearen, Travis Varcoe, Paulini, Jess Eva, Mel Buttle, Abbie Chatfield, Grant Denyer and Jack VidgenSource: Delivered

“Everyone was an angel. There wasn’t a single piece of tension or conflict that I saw. We just hit it off”

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