Liberal Vice President Teena McQueen has denied saying: “I would kill to be sexually molested right now” ? but apologized for a joke

Liberal Party Vice President Teena McQueen Says Liberal Women Should Celebrate Getting Where They Are Without Gender Quota Ms McQueen said the Liberal Party has a president for the first time in 15 years, a young woman who had no political connections and rose through the ranks with hard work and determination. &quot: She did it the hard way. She has the mantra, work hard, work smart and best of all, she doesn’t believe in quotas, " She said & “We should celebrate as liberal women who get where we are without quotas” & “;

Liberal Party Vice President Teena McQueen has denied saying, “I would kill to be molested right now” but apologized for making a joke at a party conference

Three high-ranking Liberal women reportedly told the Sydney Morning Herald that Ms. McQueen had made the comment at a meeting to discuss the NSW branch’s new code of conduct

“What I said was that at my age – and it was a joke – every woman ages and I am no longer molested This is fair comment considering I’m a grandmother, “Ms. McQueen told Newscomau

“I apologized and said I regret the comment – sure, I won’t joke anymore – even though it was a comment about me, but there is no way I will go back””

Ms. McQueen said that as she pondered her comments, she probably lit up a serious matter

“My intention was not to shed light on a serious situation, but just thinking about it I can see why”

She also declined to criticize reports from two participants who heard Ms. McQueens say, “Let’s talk about women who don’t get drunk at work”

Ms. McQueen, who does not drink alcohol, said the comments were not directed at Brittany Higgins, who accused a former employee of raping her while she was drunk

“I grew up in hotels, used to smell wine and beer and turn off alcohol … I’ve seen the violence caused by alcohol and I have a very strong feeling for it and it had nothing to do with Brittany

Ms. McQueen, who is over 60, said she had never been sexually molested by men in her working life, but as a teenager a woman tried to sexually assault her

“It was a very scary experience so I can very well relate to sexual assault – just not by a man. But sexual assault is sexual assault no matter who does it,” she said

“I think I use humor as a defense mechanism when I talk about sexual assault I’m going to think about it and have thought about it a lot ”

When asked if Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations were well handled by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Parliament in general, Ms. McQueen said, “It has probably been slow to respond”

“I believe everyone has the good of Brittany in their hearts, it’s a terrible thing they’re going through and lessons have been learned,” she said

“I hope this doesn’t happen again and I think everyone is trying to help Brittany and the healing she is going through”

She said she “naturally” supports the new code of conduct, which makes it clear that the Liberal Party has no tolerance for bullying, sexual harassment, defamation, physical violence and discrimination

“While people are complaining about my apparent insensitivity and women are very concerned right now, there has been no concern about the spate of media inquiries regarding me,” she said

“It seems that some women can be looked after and made sure they are fine, but other women – mostly conservative women – are very difficult in this environment

“I think if you are interested in women in general, you should be interested in all women and what they go through”

Ms. McQueen, who was laughed at during an appearance on Q&A, said there was no media support

“I’m a woman and you step in to protect other women, but the media don’t worry, they don’t listen to me, they just see it as an opportunity to hit

“I’m really fed up with the attacks, I have tremendous support from the party base, but the attacks are coming towards me, I don’t let go most of the time, I keep fighting”

“I think it affects everyone when you are a target in politics and I firmly believe that conservative women are a target and sometimes I think why bother?”

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