It may have been strange that Jürgen Klopp devoted some of his program notes for the Tottenham Hotspur game to a player in the middle of the week who did not want to play

“I’m usually not a fan of picking people out, but I think Taki Minamino is someone to highlight Taki has been sensational for us since he came His attitude is always at the highest level The commitment to improvement is total

???? He had to be patient, and at times I can imagine that was quite difficult. His lack of starting options so far isn’t due to anything he’s not doing well; That’s because the players were so consistent for our club in his position “

The Japanese international joined the club in January from Red Bull Salzburg for £ 7 but had to wait patiently for opportunities.The striker has scored three goals and an assist in 14 games for the club this season, one run which takes a total of 586 minutes

Minamino’s role in the team fluctuated, and the 25-year-old played four different positions for Jürgen Klopp this season. On the surface, a total of 3 goals and 1 assist in 28 games (this season and last season) doesn’t seem particularly convincing so much of his early career in Liverpool is down to perspective

Minamino has scored four goals in less than 600 minutes but three of them came in the 7-2 demolition of Lincoln City. Why should Klopp praise him so quickly?

The truth is that football is a squad game.Although Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané may make the headlines, the biggest test for Liverpool this season has been their strength and depth, no one could have predicted the injury crisis that would hit them and there Klopp desperately shuffles the players into new roles, he must have players like Minamino. The striker has made no complaints about his situation and is still very impressed

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This reliability and willingness to get involved wherever it is needed (he played various positions for Salzburg) is crucial for a team that wants to challenge itself like Liverpool

“But Taki leads the way when it comes to setting an example,” Klopp added. He gives everything he has; He’s with us every day. We recently used him in central midfield and he received it so positively

â ???? This is what we need from everyone if we are to have a successful season. When an opportunity presents itself, throw yourself in For the team! Â ????

The unity and harmony at Anfield depends on everyone buying their way, and Klopp’s praise for this has been consistent. Minamino’s selflessness has not gone unnoticed by his manager, and the fact that Klopp took the opportunity to publicly acknowledge it is a smart piece of man management

Furthermore, the nature of modern football often calls for immediate results, but we must remember that it took some time for someone like Andrew Robertson and Fabinho to settle in Anfield

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone The cut in the football calendar with the games piled up has made it difficult for the Japan international to gain momentum, especially given the poor consistency he has had in terms of odds

If Minamino has felt unhappy this season, his inadmissible Champions League goal against Midtjylland FC only confirmed his suspicions as Liverpool approaches the festive season, they will have a few busy weeks ahead of them

The Reds have eight games between now and early February, and during this time Klopp can turn to players like Minamino more often for help If the 25-year-old can take his chance, he could force his way into the team , but Klopp will in no way take him for granted

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