If Kathryn Hahn has a superpower, it may be that she has proven impregnable in her two decades in the business.There are the comedies – Your Anchormans and Bad Moms – that add to the unveiling work at Sundance- Space (with indie films like Afternoon Delight) gave way to being used in TV shows including Mrs Fletcher and Transparent (for which she was Emmy-nominated) And yet, even she couldn’t have foreseen her joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“I’m still ‘Wait what ?!’ I would never have seen it coming, “a clearly tickled rooster told ET on a recent Zoom call” It always looked like it was so much fun to be a part of it “

She previously voted for a superhero movie – she played a gender-turned Doc Ock in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – but still isn’t sure if that matters, “Because I was animated!” Still, she took the opportunity to have a general meeting with the folks at Marvel Studios when they called “I said, ‘Yeah I love it It’s the dreamiest I want to meet them all'”

At the time, Hahn thought the meeting might impress her children, with whom she had watched the MCU films, but had no expectations or hopes of what might come of it. She wasn’t expecting anything soon, if at all hear, and was surprised when Marvel called her two days later and asked her to sit down with writer Jac Schaeffer, director Matt Shakman, and producer Mary Livanos

“You ran the whole thing down Everything” – the full arc of the studio’s first streaming series, WandaVision – “I had to hear it a couple of times and asked a lot of questions. I said, ‘Sorry uh” You were very patient with me, but they solved everything “

Focusing on Elizabeth Olsen’s telekinesis Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s robo-human vision, the series supports the game Hahn says she was always drawn to in the Avengers films, and WandaVision itself is turned into a prism of classic American sitcoms told over the decades, thus offering not only the opportunity to join an over-franchise, but also a promising creative venture, it turns out that this is the center of the Venn diagram where she and Marvel meet

“There were so many things that got me so excited, confused and upset,” says Hahn. “It was just irresistible” (What do your kids think of joining the MCU? “I’m mom, so nothing will work.” I can do be cool I think they said, ‘What?’)

In WandaVision, the title pair moves to the suburbs, with Hahn playing the required nosy neighbor, Agnes, drawing on her children’s deep knowledge of the MCU in developing Agnes, turning to comics for her own research on Scarlet Witch “And boy, is that backstory intense? Impressive It’s deep Really deep Being able to dive into the source material a bit was really fun and just, ‘Oof, Wanda really went through it'”

The darkness lurking beneath the series ‘shiny surface can be seen – many fans theorize that Agnes is actually a pseudonym for the comic book character Agatha Harkness, a hilarious and occasionally malicious mentor to Wanda – but Agnes’ introduction to the pilot Episode is All Shenanigans and Flying Shellfish. The episode is a black and white throwback to the Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy, which were filmed in front of a live studio audience

“When I look at a sea of ​​viewers dressed in 1950s clothes and see the 50s camera and lights that build up as this small youthful group of actors with this amazing director I just hold on to that to my heart, “says Hahn.” We rehearsed it like a play. We all rushed around backstage to make quick changes, fetch props and wait for clues. We really did a show together. The team was unbelievable The ambition was unbelievable And the wigs! “

Subsequent episodes take the gang through the ’60s and’ 70s – via riffs on Bewitched and The Brady Bunch – and into modern sitcoms like Modern Family and The Office. This area is more familiar to Hahn, who has kept appearing in Parks and Rec ” There’s as much meta-ness on this show as anywhere, “she exclaims (it’s a feeling that Olsen also repeated)” We kept saying, ‘Oh my god!’ “

Inevitably, the sitcom nature will give way to a Marvel epic as the secret of Wanda and Vision – and undoubtedly Agnes – is revealed I tell Hahn I hope she has had the full Marvel experience that she will take it on at some point some wires in spandex had “spandex!” she screeches, snorts and falls over with laughter. Whatever may arise, Hahn is happy to have found her way into this universe, but unexpectedly “My mouth was on the floor when I watched the first episodes,” she says and then laughs “I literally speak like a fan I’m just so excited about it!”

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Kathryn Hahn

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