When James Ruse student Sariena Ye arrived at her school at noon to celebrate the HSC results with her colleagues, they had a surprise for her

They had looked at the NESA website and found that her friend had been given a state ranking in every subject she studied, “I’m a little surprised,” Sariena said. Very surprised, reallyâ ????

Yesterday Sariena celebrated first place in chemistry and physics: the first person since 2003 and the first female student in more than 20 years

Today she learned that she was ranked third in the second mathematics expansion, ninth in the first mathematics expansion, and eleventh in advanced English

For the 25th time, the James Ruse Agricultural High School Won NSW’s best school title for the first time in a row, an unprecedented achievement in Higher School Certificate


Headmistress Rachel Powell came into the role two years ago This year the pressure was on. When she saw the result this afternoon, her words were: â ???? We understood it! It’s such a relief. It’s an endorsement of all the hard work we’ve done this yearâ ????

Baulkham Hills High School finished second with North Sydney Boysâ ???? and girls ???? Secondary Schools Third and Fourth Sydney Grammar, in fifth place, was the only independent school in the state’s top 10

The best non-selective school was Ascham on 11 Mackellar Girls High, part of the NBSC (Northern Beaches Secondary College) network, was the top-ranked public comprehensive school at 43 Parramatta Marist High was the best Catholic system school at 46

Tangara School for Girls, which had to close for two weeks in August due to a COVID-19 cluster affecting older students, climbed 78 places to 25th Place, the best performance in several years

The 2020 Graduation Rankings have been published See below or click here for this year’s HSC Honor Roll, which shows students who have achieved Volume 6 in any subject

And see below or click here to see how your school ranked compared to other schools

To calculate school and subject rankings, the Herald uses Volume 6 data from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), which reflects grades between 90 and 100

Each band represents what a student can demonstrate, what they know, understand and can do. The “Average” performance in most courses is usually a mid-1970s grade or a band 4

The Herald calculates his ranking using success rates, which are the ratio of Volume 6 results at a school to the number of students who have taken exams at the school

The Herald only counts NSW schools that have registered at least 150 HSC exam results

While today is a celebration and a cheer for many students, it may be a disappointment for others Danielle Mahe recalls feeling embarrassed and worthless the day she opened her HSC results in 2008

But 12 years later, she has words of encouragement for any student who might be in her position on Friday

â ???? Today my UAI letter is framed on my desk to remind you that no test result, person or circumstance can control your life. The only person who can change your life is you She wrote an opinion piece for the Herald

â ???? My heart was pounding when I logged on to the UAC website that morning to find out my score But when I read the words “Your Universities Admission Index (UAI)” I stopped I was so scared to read on and thought that the UAI rank following those words would determine my future

â ???? I had received a UAI of 4745 To make sure there was no confusion, my UAI was also written as * FOUR * SEVEN *** FOUR * FIVE * I wanted to vomitâ ????

â € œI didnâ € ™ t get into university straight away. Instead, I enrolled in a short course at a college that offered me an alternative route to university.

Twins Yoonji and Jinyoung Kim attended separate schools and studied different subjects for their HSC But in the end it didn’t matter: they still got the same ATAR

Both the twins and their parents who live in Epping were delighted to learn that each had achieved a rank of 9990 on Friday

Twins Yoonji and Jinyoung Kim achieved the same ATAR despite studying different subjects and separate schools

The family moved to Australia from Korea when the twins were ninth year old after living here briefly in childhood to study English

Both of them went to James Ruse Agricultural High, but Jinyoung also received a scholarship to the Kings School in Parramatta

They decided to go their separate ways and also had different topics for their HSC

Jinyoung took 14 units: Chinese, Physics, Modern History, History Extension, four units of math and three units of English. Yoonji studied 10: biology, chemistry, advanced English and four units of mathematics

But they have worked together a lot throughout the year and spent more time together than usual during the distance learning phase

“We worked a lot together during the HSC, motivated each other and when we were disappointed in something we were always there for each other,” said Jinyoung

She hopes to go to medical school next year while Jinyoung goes to Stanford University for an interdisciplinary course that includes computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and psychology

Akina Li, who achieved the highest ATAR, says her parents always taught her the value of education, but they also emphasized the importance of balancing her studies with other hobbies

Akina’s mother, Ying Liu, always taught her the importance of having balanced hobbies and good social relationshipsCredit: Janie Barrett

Akina’s mother, Ying Liu, was a dentist before she left China to do a PhD in pathology in Japan, where her husband Xiao Li received a master’s degree in education

But after 21 years of study, Ying realized that her long years of study had reduced her confidence in social interaction

When she and her husband came to Australia in 2006 and could not speak English, they encouraged Akina to develop a broader interest in art and music from a young age in order to find a better balance

â ???? I wanted her to find a hobby so that she would be used to dealing with a group of people It is very important ???? Ying said

Akina, who plays the drums and piano, has also developed an interest in chess, school debates, dancing, and reading literature

When Grace Carey got her HSC scores, she put them right into her group chat with Dungeons and Dragons

??????????????????????????????????????????????? said the Tempe High School student

She was particularly proud of her Volume 6 in English Extension 1, for which she wrote a folk horror story based on elements of Irish folklore

“I’m excited that it went well We were afraid I would get a marker who didn’t know what was going on”Said Grace

Her ATAR of 9545 is also enough to get her into the course she wants to study, a Bachelor of Advanced Studies from Sydney University

“We’re going to get fish or chips or something I’m excited, I haven’t been to the beach in a long time”? She said

Flynn Broom, the patrician brothers ???? College, a student from Blacktown we sat with this morning, hit the ATAR he needs for his dream course

Flynn received a 9890 ATAR around 9am after reaching six tapes. As a school captain, he is entitled to some bonus programs, so he should get access to the combined law course at the University of Sydney

“It took him 98 to get into law school” said his proud mother Katie. When he got the ATAR score, I couldn’t take the smile off his faceâ ????

Melvin Chan of Sydney Boys High School was thrilled that his hard work paid off on Friday morning when he got his 99th grade95

“And that’s even without tutoring” he said But I really have to thank my cohort, I couldn’t have done it without them with the notes we put together, which helped me a lot

â ???? That being said, I think 9995 is just another number and there is a lot more to prove in the futureâ ????

He is now planning to use his good grades on short notice and become a private tutor

His classmate, the Sydney Boys’ student, Alan Wong, also received top rank. He thanked his tutoring center for support throughout the year

“The switch to online learning definitely blew my mind and I often felt physically and mentally drained after taking online school lessons”he said

???? I opened the results at the gym this morning and was shocked by the result – I wasn’t expecting it at allâ ????

Boys earned the majority of 9995s this year: there are 33 boys with the highest rank and 15 girls

Sydney High School student Oscar Eichmann joined the list on Friday morning after topping the state in both Classical Greek Continuers and Expansions

More than 15000 students have already received offers for early universities before the HSC scores and ATARs are released on Friday

Incidentally, Kim Paino from the University Admissions Center recommends doing a lot of research on the criteria to get into the course they want to study

“Many offers are being made to students with ATARs below the lowest selection rank,” Ms. Paino said

Selection ranks are not ATARs and contain adjustment factors that students should research for some time before determining their preferences

“You need to do your research on university websites to see what adjustment factors you can get so that you can take that into account when choosing your preferences”Mrs. Paino said

“If your ATAR isn’t what you hoped for, don’t be discouraged“You can keep your first preference as the lowest selection ranks change from year to year”

She also recommended that students explore other avenues for entry, including starting a general degree and applying for a transfer the following year, or examining foundation or pathway programs that may lead to entry into the degree

Ms. Paino also advised students who did better than expected to oppose any advice that they should not waste Your ATAR on a course that has a much lower eligibility grade than your ATAR ????


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