Washington: President Donald Trump’s role in inciting violence in the Capitol and his refusal to recognize his electoral defeat are leading some lawmakers to urge his impeachment by the 25th Change

The amendment provides for the Vice-President and a majority of the Cabinet to declare a President incapable of office The Vice-President then becomes President-in-Office The section of the amendment specifically dealing with this process has never been invoked

On Friday, the AEDT, the day after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, New York’s top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer called for Trump’s immediate removal “What happened in the US Capitol yesterday is, was an uprising against the United States instigated by the president. This president shouldn’t stay in office for another day, ”said Schumer

In comments posted on Twitter, Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois urged the Cabinet to refer to the amendment

“The president is not fit and the president is not doing well,” said Kinzinger. He said that Trump must now voluntarily or involuntarily relinquish control of the executive “

The request for an amendment listing the president’s succession plans in the event of a presidential disability or death followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 President Lyndon B Johnson made a pledge in his 1965 state of the Union to “propose laws to ensure the necessary continuity of leadership if the president is disabled or dies”

Lyndon B Johnson turns 36 President of the United States sworn in as Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of John F. Kennedy is next to him. Photo credit: JFK Library

Yes, the presidents temporarily gave up power, but these cases were generally brief and voluntary, such as when the president was performing a medical procedure

In 2002, President George W Bush was the first to use section 3 of the amendment to temporarily transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney, while Bush was anesthetized for a colonoscopy, section 4 of the amendment, which allows cabinet to disqualify the president, never became asserted

George W Bush briefed reporters on Jan. June 2002 on the colonoscopy he would have the next day. His Vice President Dick Cheney took command for a few hours. Photo credit: Reuters

In section 4 of 25 The amendment sets out what happens when the President can no longer perform his duties but does not transfer power to the Vice-President

The Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet can declare the President unfit. They would then send a letter to the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate saying so, The Vice President will then become President-in-Office

The President can send his own letter stating that he is fit to serve. If the Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet disagree, they can send another letter to Congress within four days, and Congress would then have to vote The president resumes his duties unless both houses of Congress say with two-thirds of the vote that the president is not ready

Vice President Mike Pence could temporarily take command and replace President Donald Trump if a two-thirds majority in Congress approves Section 4 of Dec. Amendment passed, but this is not a hurry Credit: AP

Congress is adjourned until Monday but if they returned tomorrow it would be at least four more days for them to take effect

Section 4 of the amendment also gives Congress the power to set up a “body” that, with the assistance of the Vice President, can declare that the President cannot do the job. If they agree that the President is unfit, would the vice president will take over But Congress never set up the body

In October, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced legislation proposing the creation of a commission to fill that role.The Legislature would establish a 16-member bipartisan commission elected by the leaders of the House and Senate in It would include four doctors, four psychiatrists and eight retired public figures such as former presidents, vice-presidents and secretaries of state Select member as chairman

Once the commission is in place, Congress could pass a resolution asking members to investigate the president, determine if the president is incapacitated, and report back

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