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Devastated friends, family members and members of the community attend the vigil in front of the house where a mother and her three children were found dead on Thursday afternoon

A kindergarten teacher wrote a heartwarming note about the moment last year when she told the oldest victim of the Tullamarine tragedy, Claire, 7, that she was going to teach her younger sister Anna, 5, in her first year of elementary school

‘Last week of school you walked with me while I was on court duty and excitedly told me what you were hoping for from Santa I told you how lucky I was to have your sister in my class «Read the note

A note (pictured) left by mourners in front of the house in Tullamarine, Melbourne, where the bodies of the mother and children were found

A mourner bursts into tears on Saturday in front of the house where the bodies of 42-year-old Katie Perinovic and her children were discovered (picture)

Investigators announced on Friday that police had formed a “preliminary view” that 42-year-old Katie Perinovic was responsible for the deaths of her children

The note went on to describe how excited Anna was about her first year of elementary school at St Christopher’s Primary School at West Airport – and how she “proudly” wore her uniform to an interview

‘Anna – when I saw your name on my 2021 prep list I was thrilled I was looking forward to having you in my class. During our interview last year, you proudly wore your uniform and were so excited to be in Going to School Your name tag will be kept and you will always be part of Prep Gold 2021, ”the note continued,

The note also revealed Claire’s calm demeanor, love of dancing, and her “wonderful illustrations” – evidence affixed to the front windows of the house where her bodies were found Thursday

There was a drawing of the earth stuck there, which was scribbled by the eldest daughter Claire. “Save the world,” it said next to a love heart

As the investigators announced on Friday, the police made a “preliminary view” that the 42-year-old Katie Perinovic was responsible for the deaths of her own children

Her husband, Tomislav Perinovic, 48, was released without charge and officials do not believe that he or anyone else was involved in the terrible tragedy The family’s bodies were found on Thursday afternoon

Detectives left the crime scene yesterday with large brown paper bags with evidence, shortly after the cleaners arrived at the scene

In front of the house dangles a single cross on a string of pearls on the fence left by a mourner, and three stuffed children’s toys – a blue dinosaur, a bear and a panda – one for Claire, Anna and Matthew

Three more teddy bears – two pink and one blue – sit under the growing row of flowers in the quiet suburban street

Friends of the family returned to the house on Saturday morning, collecting items and removing the Skoda family

‘You will all be missed very much. Our hearts are broken … our children have always loved to play with their beautiful children, we will remember you,’ read a letter

Mourners gathered at the property on Saturday, shocked by Thursday’s events that shook the quiet neighborhood

Chaplains and auxiliaries from the Victorian Council of Churches arrived Saturday morning to assist neighbors and ward members as they mourned the vigil

Marie Groves, a neighbor and family friend of the late mother, said her children often played with Ms. Perinovics. She attended a party at her house for her daughter’s birthday in November – and was unusually calm

“She was more withdrawn than I’ve ever seen her in the past,” Ms. Groves told Daily Mail Australia

‘There were a few other mothers here and they noticed she seemed a little calm that day, but she never mentioned anything like that ‘

A devastated Ms. Groves said Ms. Perinovic was devoted to her children and relied on the support of her mother, who lived on site

‘These children were full of life. They were your perfect children,’ she said. ‘She loved these children so much and would do anything for them’

Community Support Officers and Personnel of Personnel, including a chaplain, were on hand to speak to neighbors, including the public, who are delivering flowers and paying their respects

The growing number of honors can be seen on the fence of the property on Saturday (picture)

“Claire was always my best friend,” the note seemed to say, also describing the little girl as loving and caring

Distraught neighbors Phil and Lillian Funaro, who have lived on Burgess Street for 35 years, said the tragedy was “a shock to the system”

‘I mainly saw Kate and the three children, saw the husband with them a few times, always like Mother Hen with the three small children in the back

The bodies of Katie Perinovic and Claire (seven), Anna (five) and Matthew (three) (all pictured) were found at their home in Tullamarine, Melbourne, on Thursday

Haunted memory: The drawings of Perinovic’s eldest child, Claire, stick to the front window of the Tullamarine house after the devastating tragedy. A child’s chair is in the front yard

Claire’s picture of the earth said “save the world” and two hearts of love Another apparently older picture was mostly faded

“I had two hip replacements not so long ago and she’s a physiotherapist She saw me walking with my walker She stopped me and said, “How are you Phil?” Said Mr. Funaro to Daily Mail Australia

‘We all know each other very well We take care of each other When you go on vacation, everyone knows where they are going

The children’s father, Tomislav Perinovic (left), was released without charge after death

The devastating news that a friend of Claire Perinovic, seven, was left on the lawn

Kevin and Clare Harrison, who live across from the family, cried when they heard the news about their neighbors

“We shared coffee, we sat on the porch just laughing at the kids and the way they were just running around the yard,” Harrison told The Australian

‘I spoke to Tom when he was teaching Matthew to ride a bike everyone here was busy with them because of the children

‘Christmas Day, every year we gave the children Christmas presents because we knew them from birth’

The Harrison’s described the Perinovic family as “the kindest and most beautiful people” and said they could “never get over” the incident

Pictured: Claire, seven and Anna, five The sisters were found dead in their Melbourne home on Thursday

Cleaners for crime scenes arrived on Friday in protective suits and forensic gloves in the well-kept house

Other troubled neighbors, Phil and Lillian Funaro, who have lived on Burgess Street for 35 years, said the tragedy was “a shock to the system”

A mourner leaves a bouquet of flowers for the two little girls, the little boy and their mother

From the street, a pink toy teapot could be seen on the lawn. Tragically, its owner will never pick it up again

“As reported in the media Katie Perinovic, her daughters Claire and Anna and son Matthew, 3 years old, tragically died Thursday in the family home, “wrote Father Hoang

‘We are deeply shocked to receive this news and to offer our sincere condolences and prayerful support to Tom, the Perinovic family, and all those who are struggling to grasp this sudden and tragic loss of life sad and challenging time strength and solidarity from our loving God

May God’s grace be in the goodness of those who support the Perinovic family. May we also find some comfort in our belief that God’s arms welcome Katie, Claire, Anna and Matthew into their eternal homes’

Police said there was no domestic violence in the family Pictured: Katie and Tomislav Perinovic with their daughter

Emergency crews were called to the house on Burgess Street in Tullamarine at about 12 noon Thursday at 30 p.m. Thomas the locomotive toys and towels hung on the lawn were visible

A kindergarten teacher pays her respects to mom and dad on Friday morning – news that parents find difficult to deal with

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Galliott said last night the officers would stay at the “gruesome” crime scene

Ms. Perinovic, who also goes by the surname Blazevic, unexpectedly quit her job at the Glenroy Physiotherapy Center about three months ago, The Herald Sun reported

It is believed that she fell into depression leading up to her death

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