TV thrillers are complex by definition, and they need to keep the audience engaged and do so by dazzling them with twists and turns, dramas, and shocking revelations that appeal to the darkness at the heart of their characters, however, there is a line and once this one Line is crossed, those twists and turns, this drama, and the aforementioned darkness become suffocatingly confusing. At this point the show becomes less of a thriller than a pessimistic tableau of all the terrible things humanity is capable of, what is blocking the show and them from its value as entertainment Tell me your secrets cross this line. It’s a well-done show too hard to even finish

Tell Me Your Secrets tells the tangled story of Karen Miller, whose imprisonment for alleged favoring her ex-boyfriend serial killer ends at the beginning of the show. Miller is placed under witness protection and takes the name Emma Hall as her handler-slash Therapist takes her to a small town in Louisiana Bayou While Emma is hiding, the mother of a young woman who disappeared after being seen near Emma’s ex is determined to track her down, obsessed with the idea that Emma is knows what is happening to her daughter ??? so obsessed that she hires a convicted rapist to track down the woman formerly known as Karen Miller, wherever and whoever she is

Then a swamp monster shows up. And murders occur. And there’s a subplot about child abuse and some deeply uncomfortable semi-religious rituals that keep popping up when the rapist goes on a road trip. Meanwhile, Emma begins to lose memory Related to her relationship with the serial killer, recovering her memories and piecing together what she may or may not know about this woman’s daughter There is a lot going on in Tell Me Your Secrets, and the general feeling is confusion, discomfort, and a bad mood

When you call “Tell Me Your Secrets” a thriller, it’s like taking a ride through a theme park from inside a building

In a way, the uncomfortable discomfort that comes with watching any of the characters on Tell Me Your Secrets is due to its cast Hamish Linklater’s appearance as serial rapist John Tyler exudes predatory horror and arouses utter aversion, Amy Brennaman plays the hateful and obsessed mother Mary Barlow with convincing claims and Lily Rabe tackles the “dual” Roles of Karen Miller and Emma with clear distinctions that show the impact of their character’s trauma and the high quality of the acting draws viewers into the characters World Complete, and That’s the Problem Your world sucks, everyone in it sucks, and spending any time there would only please someone with a fetish for hopeless idiots

When you refer to Tell Me Your Secrets as a thriller, it’s like taking a ride through a theme park from a building, thriller have to dive in and climb to keep the tension going Tell me your secrets are always just dips. In the first episode, something terrible happens, and as a result something more terrible happens. Someone has a bad idea, and the consequences of that bad idea are bad. Once the pattern of “clinging”, it’s worse than you think sinking in (which shouldn’t take long), the actual twists and turns on the show become irrelevant because the end result will always be predictably miserable

Tell Me Your Secrets is 10 episodes and ends on a cliffhanger, suggesting someone is hoping for a second season of this show, which is confusing, especially since 10 episodes is roughly four episodes longer than any sane person There’s a reason the more successful modern day thriller series (Sharp Objects, Big Little Lies, The Undoing) is coming out in six or seven episodes and Tell Me Your Secrets spends too much time dragging their plot through swamp mud to get enthusiasm Generating More of His Drudgery If they make it to the end of season one unscathed, someone who wants season two will not be one of his viewers

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