An Australian man allowed a spider hunter to live with him for the past year and it has grown to a terrifying size

Jake Gray shared a picture of the now huge spider on Facebook and said he watched “the mighty hunter” grow

“Look at that big girl,” he said, the photo of the spider that takes up a good portion of the wall is enough to make a person’s skin crawl

He first saw the spider in 2019 at his home in Cairns in Far North Queensland. About 12 months later, the spider is now easily the size of a dinner plate

While Gray seemed a little unimpressed by his roommate, other Facebook users didn’t share his opinion

Another said, “Make sure she cut the rent she now owns in half”

Despite their size and hairy appearance, the spiders are not considered dangerous.Like most arachnids, they are poisonous and a bite can cause disease, but they are generally reluctant to bite and are more inclined to run away than to be aggressive / p>

Another user wrote on Facebook: “Huntsmans are friendly little homies, but I don’t think I could sleep in the same house as this guy”

There are more than 155 different species of hunter in Australia. They are large, long-legged spiders and mostly gray and brown in color with banded legs

According to the Australian Museum, they often live under loose bark on trees and crevices in rocks, but sometimes get into cars

In a more dire situation last month, Australian resident Olly Hurst put his noise-canceling headphones on for work, only to feel a “tickle” in his ear

Olly took off his headphones and didn’t see a spider, but a large Huntsman spider hiding in the headphones

In a video clip of the spider, he says, “I absolutely knew I could feel something that was tickling my ear.” Then he focuses the camera on his new eight-legged friend and says, “Hmm bad! “

One person said, “No, no, no I would dance and fire these earmuffs as far from me as I could throw them! “

Brave man lets monstrous hunter spider live in his house for a year – while other homeowners share their more terrifying encounters with arachnids

Huntsman spider

World news – AU – The giant Huntsman spider is allowed to live in his house for a year