Tropical cyclone Imogen continues to move inland across the eastern Gulf country A transition to a tropical low is expected soon, but heavy rains and locally damaging winds remain possible

Intensity: Category 1, sustained winds near the center of 75 kilometers per hour with gusts of wind up to 100 kilometers per hour

Location: within 30 kilometers of 176 degrees south, 1417 degrees east, estimated 65 kilometers east of Normanton and 90 kilometers northwest of Croydon

Tropical cyclone Imogen crossed the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria north of Karumba at around 9 p.m. yesterday evening Imogen is expected to continue moving east to south-east for a short time, bringing it further inland today. The system has recently seen its strength Land maintained but is expected to gradually move to a tropical low later in the morning, and longer term, the system is expected to be slower to the southeast towards the North Tropical and Herbert Lower Burdekin coasts than a deep tropical low

GALES with gusts of winds up to 105 km / h were recently observed around Normanton on the southwest flank of the cyclone.It is likely that the storms will extend to around 80 kilometers from the center of the cyclone for the next few hours. The winds should be on Monday morning generally fade below storm strength as Imogen transitions to a tropical low For the rest of Monday, however, violent thunderstorms with isolated, damaging gusts of wind are possible

HEAVY RAINFALL, likely to result in flash floods, low-lying area flooding, and river flooding, is observed on the southeastern coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria and adjacent inland areas and is expected to last until Monday near the cyclone, where heavy rains will settle on Monday inland of the southern Cape York Peninsula if the cyclone moves further inland A separate severe weather warning is current to damage gusts of wind and heavy rainfall further east over the southern peninsula and the tropical north coast

People between Karumba and Gilbert River Mouth and inland from Croydon should stay indoors until the cyclone is over and listen to the next advice at 8am

– For emergency assistance, call the Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 (for assistance with storm damage, rising floods, fallen trees on buildings, or roof damage)

This warning is also available through television and radio broadcasts the Bureau’s website at wwwbomRegierungAu or by calling 1300 659 210. The bureau and the state ambulance service would appreciate it if this warning were sent regularly

Cyclone Imogen

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