Popular Christmas traditions include telling Santa Claus, exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, and going to church (Craig Ruttle / AP Photo) AP

It’s a holy, religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, but also a cultural phenomenon. Popular traditions include the story of Santa Claus, exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, and going to church

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s open and what’s closed on Christmas Day 2020

Christmas is both a federal and a state holiday Christmas was a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1870 it is the last federal holiday of the year

Regular mail, UPS or FedEx are not delivered at Christmas (except for FedEx Custom Critical and UPS Express Critical)

However, the United States Postal Service website states that Priority Mail Express mail is delivered on Christmas Day

United States post offices will be closed, although self-service kiosks are still available for drop-off in some locations

No The stock markets will be closed on Christmas Day. The Nasdaq trading and bond markets will also be closed

Most supermarkets are closed, but some will be open at reduced hours if you need ingredients for your holiday dinner. Ultimately, buyers should check with their local supermarket for specific information

According to a report by Delish, the following major supermarkets will be closed on Christmas Day:

It varies by establishment. Some restaurants may be closed while others are selling prepared holiday food to take away. Users should check with specific restaurants for information

The vast majority of local and chain restaurants are closed on Christmas Day for workers to spend time with family, however, there are some limited options

Some McDonald’s locations are open on Christmas Day The fast food chain only describes this as a “handful” of their 13th789 restaurants and recommends checking the store finder for local opening times

Same goes for Dunkin ‘Some spots may opt for limited opening times Dunkin recommends checking the store finder for hours. Some Starbucks stores will also be open

Boston Market has many of its locations across the country that are open on Christmas Day; you can also try diner-style chains like Denny’s and IHOP

HEUTEcom has compiled a list of 21 restaurants that are open on Christmas Day, some of which vary by location

Most of New Jersey’s malls are closed, so are many other large malls across the state

The only mall that stays open on Christmas Day is Voorhees city center from 11am – 8pm, according to its website

All Motor Vehicle Commission Offices To Be Closed In addition, all New Jersey State offices and courts are closed for holidays

NJ Transit and SEPTA will operate on Sundays, while PATH will operate on Saturdays For NJ Transit, drivers should use NJ Transit’s online trip planner to check arrival and departure times

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What is open on Christmas Day?

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