The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are champions after a dominant 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV

Brady, who had six more rings than any other player in NFL history before that game, cemented his GOAT status even more when he won his first championship in Tampa Bay

It was Brady’s first season with the Buccaneers, having left New England in the last off-season where he won his last 6 championships

Three touchdown passes in Brady’s name today, Rob Gronkowski at the end of two as former New England teammates set a playoff record that scored the most touchdowns after the season by a duo at 14

Brady, 43, was named the Super Bowl MVP for his outstanding performance and confirmed that he has not yet finished with at least one more season to come back to later this year

“This team is now forever world champion, you can’t take it from us,” said Brady after the game

“I’m so proud of all of these people We had a rough November but we got together at the right time We knew this was going to happen We played our best game of the year”

Brady’s wife, model and actress Gisele Bundchen, supported her husband with her children on the sidelines

Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians also became the oldest coach to win the Super Bowl at the age of 68. His mother, 95-year-old Kay Arians, witnessed it in person

“This really belongs to the coaching staff and our players I did nothing,” said Arians after receiving the trophy

Overall, a tough day for the Chiefs, who were the defending champions in the Super Bowl

The Chiefs couldn’t register a single touchdown, and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes couldn’t have a say after an MVP performance last year

It was also the first time in Mahomes’ career that he couldn’t get the Chiefs into the end zone. He finished Match 26 for 49 for 270 yards and two interceptions

Tampa’s win prevented Mahomes and the Chiefs (16-3) from becoming the first repeat champions since Brady’s Patriots did 2003-04

The NFL ended its season with 269 games on time and without cancellations This was a remarkable feat that required nearly 1 million COVID-19 tests for players and team staff

Because of the virus, there were only 25000 fans with masks admitted, including about 7500 vaccinated health care workers who received free tickets from the NFL Approximately 30000 cardboard cutouts made the stadium look full

Leonard Fournette runs back and walks 27 yards to get the touchdown. Tampa Bay is now leading 28-9

But the game in front of Fournette was again a big magic from Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, who had also teamed up for a 27-yard pickup

Real pressure on Kansas City now that Brady has his GOAT status with the No. 1 wants to further consolidate7 on the way

Brady, who at six already has more rings than any other player in NFL history, can break his own record and set a new milestone today with another championship

Kansas City reduced the deficit to 12 with a field goal from the first round of the second half

Penalties have proven costly to the Chiefs, who handed out costly penalties twice in the second half, resulting in new defeats for the Bucs Tampa Bay avoided field goal attempts and strived for a maximum of 7 points offered

The couple, who were previously teammates in New England, have teamed up for the first two touchdowns of the Super Bowl.The first result of the game for Tampa Bay was Jan. Couple’s playoff touchdown – a new record for the most duo touchdowns in postseason history

The Chiefs may be under pressure, but if there’s a team that can make a comeback, it’s them

Kansas City cut a 24-point deficit against the Houston Texans in last year’s playoffs to make the biggest comeback in franchise history, and it was also the fourth-biggest comeback in postseason history

A costly offside penalty from Antonio Hamilton resulted in a touchdown at the Bucs, with Tom Brady once again finding Rob Gronkowski in the end zone

However, the Bucs shouldn’t be in the lead until 7 am after Tampa Bay scored a field goal that was withdrawn after Hamilton was sidelined during the field goal game

The Bucs were then passed first after the 5-yard penalty, which resulted in an immediate touchdown

With a fourth and a goal on the 1-yard line, Brady and the Bucs opted to run the ball and not score the easy field goal for three points, just to run Ronald Jones back around the line to miss a millimeter

The big risk doesn’t pay off for Tampa Bay in the end Kansas City gets the ball back

Quarterback Tomy Brady finds Rob Gronkowski, his former New England teammate, for the touchdown with an 8-yard pass

Brady and Gronkowski meet for the 13th Times in the playoffs – now the best ever between a duo in postseason history

The Kansas City Chiefs have taken the game’s first lead, 3-0 against the Buccaneers, with just over 5 minutes of play in the first quarter

The Chiefs’ defense has proven the difference so far, forcing blows on the two trips from Tampa Bay every time

A little more than three minutes have passed in the first quarter and it has been a defensive game so far

The Buccaneers were kept at three in the game’s inaugural possession before the Chiefs scored an initial relegation on their inaugural drive

However, the Tampa Bay defenses were then reinforced at the following intervals to force a boat

Tampa Bay now with the ball to go at the 20-yard line with 1121 in the first quarter

Kansas City won the throw and decided to move Tamba Bay receives the ball

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