What appears to be a simple story of an unhappy marriage and a shabby business becomes something entirely different

Reviewing thrillers from episode one is a tricky business.Sometimes a series can start off a little lackluster but make its move halfway through – The Serpent is a prime example of this.Others have got off to a quick start, but are like The Undoing in the undone last hour And to the reader who asked for my resignation for recommending The Drowning: After seeing the great breakup of a killer attorney trying to catch a rowboat by swimming in his suit jacket afterwards, I can only apologize

With that in mind, I’ve seen Behind Her Eyes (Netflix) in its entirety, and what initially appears as a domestic thriller about a woman who has an affair with her boss and is involved in his crazy wife turns into well, I’m not going to spoil it, but note that the novel this show is based in was marketed using the hashtag #WTFthatending If you can figure out the ending from the previous episodes, a career at GCHQ is waiting for you

By then, the main question on your mind will be: Why is Tom Bateman playing this with David Tennant’s accent? Bateman plays David, a handsome psychiatrist who is Scottish for some reason, the show really wants you to remember he is Scottish and has him drink scotch in bars and keep a bottle in his desk drawer (congratulations to Macallan for the Product placement) One night David meets the likeable Louise (Simona Brown), falls in love with her and – what are the chances? – gets to his new job the next day and finds that she is his secretary. But David is married to Adele (Eve Hewson), who floats around her tastefully decorated house in white outfits that scream “refugee”

Adele befriends Louise, and much of the plot depends on Louise having an affair with David, but without mentioning that she also goes to the gym with his wife.The story plays with our perceptions: Is David a nice guy or an emotional abuser? Is Adele a villain or a victim? What do Louise’s troubling dreams have to do with anything? And where does Rob (Robert Aramayo, also Scottish) fit in?

What I liked about the first episode was Louise – a character who believably acts like a single mom who just wants a little romance in her life.By the end of the series, credibility isn’t high on the agenda, you will either love or hate the big reveal

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Behind her eyes

Weltnachrichten – AU – Behind her eyes, review: looplessly implausible, extremely observable and a twist that makes your jaw drop

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