The jury in the trial of former Mosman swim coach Kyle Daniels has been dismissed after failing to receive a verdict on the twenty-one outstanding charges against him

Daniels, 22, pleaded not guilty to a total of 26 charges against nine girls between the ages of 5 and 10 whom he taught at the Mosman Swim Center in 2018 and 2019, Daniels was convicted of five of the charges in last week Regarding one of the girls found not guilty

The jury will be dismissed after a seven-week trial The jury said they were at a “dead end” and unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the remaining charges, with the case going to trial in February 2021

Kyle Daniels’ Child Sexual Abuse Trial is only the last in a series of high-profile studies that ended without a verdict this year

Two weeks ago, the trial of former NRL player Jarryd Hayne for sexual assault ended with a hanging jury dismissed after failing to pass a verdict. Hayne was tried and ruled on two cases of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent Inconsiderate assault on it is believed that he sexually assaulted a 26-year-old woman in her home two years ago

In late November, the jury in the trial of NRL player Jack de Belin and his co-defendant Callan Sinclair was dismissed for sexual assault after failing to reach a unanimous verdict. Both men pleaded not guilty to five aggravated sexual assault charges, including one for assault de Belin and Sinclair will be tried again in April 2021

In each of these high profile cases, the jurors examined the evidence available to them and were unable to reach a unanimous verdict

In any event, there are suspected sexual abuse survivors, including children between the ages of 5 and 10, who are now facing the reality of a retrial for the women and children, which means more and a continuous review of the Christmas break well into the year 2021 and the real possibility that they will each go through another process without getting the expected result

The criminal justice system in these cases fails on victims such as women and children, putting increased and inappropriate pressure on their mental health as they are forced to be tried again

Last week, actor Craig McLachlan was found not guilty of allegations made by four different women in 2014. Magistrate Belinda Wallington said the four female applicants were “courageous and honest witnesses” but ultimately found McLachlan not to be guilty of seven indecent charges and six joint charges of assault

The magistrate said the evidence does not meet the standards required by law in force in 2014. If the allegations had occurred in 2020, the outcome might have been different

Nine Girls I shudder to think about what these young complainants went through in court Another sex trial ends without conviction after Craig McLachlan, Jarryd Hayne, Jack de Belin, etc. have something to give https: // tco / bqw1RgRzPf

High profile cases like this that end without conviction go a long way in ensuring that other sexual assault survivors never come forward and bring charges.It’s time for a criminal justice system that puts the needs of alleged victims first

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