The daughter of beloved Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin is now in her third trimester and marked the moment by creating a beautiful family photo of Back in the Day

The 22-year-old posted two photos on Instagram on Friday morning and wrote: “Recreate a very special moment of love in the third trimester”

Bindi was only eight years old when she lost her father, but she has remained determined to carry on his legacy with her brother Robert and mother Terri

The TV star announced last August that she and Chandler were expecting their first child

Although she has not confirmed her due date, it is believed that she is set for an April delivery

On Christmas Day, she shared an adorable family photo of her, Chandler, her brother Robert and mother Terri in matching Australia Zoo Christmas sweaters

The 17-year-old posted a video on his Instagram showing the alarming moment when a crocodile got a little too close to comfort it while the wild animal warrior tried to feed it

In the creepy footage, Robert is seen luring the crocodile to the water’s edge with a seemingly dead bird.When the hungry crocodile saw his snack, he jumped out of the water and straight into Rob’s path, forcing the teenager to jump backwards

Robert, however, seemed to accept the terrifying near miss and labeled this footage: “Bluey the crocodile makes a big hit! There is nothing like experiencing the power of these modern day dinosaurs It’s a privilege “

Of course, Rob – and the entire Irwin clan – is used to dangerous animals, has worked with them his entire life and seen firsthand the risks involved

When Robert was only two years old, his father, the late and legendary crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, died of a shocking accident involving a stingray

On 4 September 2006 the world was shocked to discover that Steve Irwin had died from the stingray attack

The crocodile hunter was shooting in the Great Barrier Reef when a short-tailed stingray stabbed him in the chest with its barb

Bindi Irwin

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