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Over the past week, some people have openly referred to themselves as “super straight” on the internet, which has led to the term becoming trending on various social media platforms. According to the Urban Dictionary, the term is intended to refer to a preference “des “Relate” to the opposite sex to the exclusion of transgender people Although it describes a preference, members of the transphobic movement claim it is a sexual orientation and has led to violent discord online

What many first time users encountering the idea may not know is that the chaos caused by the idea is exactly the point, according to discussion threads on 4chan, trolls purposely planned to provoke a reaction and target LGBTQ communities split by spreading the super-straightforward idea

It appears that Super Straight was due to TikToker Kyleroyce, which hit the 21st February a video titled “Who’s Still Super Straight?” The deleted video, uploaded again to YouTube, shows the content creator sitting in a car sharing his thoughts using the hashtags “sexuality” and “funny.” The video was viewed over a million times before the creator shut it down, and said in a comment that others “had sent death threats to my mother about it”

In the video, the creator explicitly speaks of coining the term because he was tired of being called transphobic

“I’ve created a new sexuality,” Kyleroyce said in his video, “Heterosexual men are labeled transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman Now I’m super straight I only date the opposite sex, women who were born women So you can’t say that I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality “

“I created it because I was tired of being labeled with very negative terms for a preference, something that I can’t control, and being labeled by the community that preaches acceptance of things like that”, Kyleroyce told Insider “It should never be hateful towards anyone”

Over the next two weeks, the super straight video spread across social media, eventually reaching the / pol board of 4chan, known as the home of far-right trolls, and growing from there, board members discussed, according to several posts and deleted threads shared on Twitter, creating and sharing memes about how to be super direct in LGBTQ communities to “drive a wedge” and “use the tactics of the left against themselves, calling them bigots because they do not accept super straights “The contributions also have the abbreviation for super directly linked to the NS-SS

A super-direct discussion was also held on Kiwi Farms, a 4chan-like online forum with little moderation or oversight

Over the weekend, the talk about Super Straight became a big topic of conversation on social media, apparently following drafts by 4chan trying to spread the word. Users on Twitter identified themselves as super straight and even referred to themselves as members of the “LGTBQ Community” “

“I know a lot of people share my opinion, but they’re too scared to say it for fear of the game and the misinterpretation,” said Kyleroyce

AbbyInni said on a Twitter thread that the movement was created to “exclude trans people” and “You see trans women less than women and trans men less than men than cis people, and that is transphobic “

On 1 The Super Straight subreddit was launched on March 17,Has attracted 000 subscribers On the sub you will find posts from people who claim they have something to do with “superphobia” “

This isn’t the first time a hate and disinformation campaign has been popularized on 4chan and spread elsewhere.In 2016, 4chan users tried to convince others that they could vote online ahead of the election and that the rapper Drake had died

Super Straight

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