Scenes we’ve seen hundreds of times in movies and TV shows take on a different dimension in the context of this new drama

The MCU continues in series with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier DC releases an epic new vision of the Justice League and Eddie Murphy returns to a classic

Two lovers hug and smile at each other as if they were the only people in the world

You are bathed in the warm light of the perfect day and fall against an idyllic farm from which no one else is in sight

If you’ve taken a 10-second clip out of this seemingly romantic scene, as we’ve seen hundreds of times in movies and TV shows, you may find yourself caught up in the moment as in the scene Screen pair

Instead, your stomach turns and you want this deeply uncomfortable scene to be over because the lovers are Claire (Kate Mara), a 30-year-old English teacher, and Eric (Nick Robinson), her 17-year-old student / p>

The 10-episode series A Teacher is full of such moments, including scenes of illegal sex in a car or between leashes while overlaying soft pop music In a different context, these scenes would be read very differently

When the show streamed in the US in late 2020, each episode was preceded by a warning that the series was depicting situations of care.In Australia, where A Teacher debuts this week on Foxtel *, there is no specific care warning, but each episode starts with a card with the lifeline number

A teacher could actually be a trigger for sexual abuse or care survivors – especially as this series shows, it’s not always obvious at the moment, but if you give the series a warning, your problems will be sure to be solved and you will be on top of it prepared to look at everything through a certain lens

Created by Hannah Fidell, who adapted it from her own 2013 feature, it’s a series that explores the dynamics of the power imbalance between a younger teacher and her male student, a gender pairing that is sometimes not viewed as such becomes a predatory situation, rather than a badge of honor like Eric’s friends do

An instructor is a show where you have to watch the entire run to reveal his or her perspective, which with 21-29 minutes each isn’t a massive commitment.It’s structured so that if you’ve only seen the first half, it is runs the risk of being so nuanced you might think it missed the memo on the ethics of such an unbalanced relationship

Because it spends so much time in Claire’s perspective, it really explores what drives her to make these decisions It doesn’t try to completely demonize her as you might expect from a sexual predator The point is, of course, that Claire doesn’t see herself that way, which plays with the audience’s perspective on the extent of her wrongdoing

That’s why the scenes where Claire and Eric act like they are any other couple are so awkward without the context of the teacher / student dynamic, it doesn’t seem textually wrong – and Robinson, 25, leaves never really went through as a 17-year-old, which could have been a conscious casting choice to challenge the viewer

In the second half of the series, the ramifications of Claire’s affair with Eric become more apparent The not always immediate effects bleed into her and her family’s lives, including characters portrayed by Ashley Zuckerman, Adam, David Thompson and Rya Ingrid Kihlstedt

For the majority of the 10 episodes, a teacher asks many viewers to examine what they think is predatory or not. Much of what it does is subtle and understated, so that anyone looking for an answer or would rather know how he is supposed to feel has to wait until the last five minutes before it all grows together

The tempo doesn’t always work as the earlier episodes move slowly while the back half races through some of the most salient emotional points while the audience has many of those beats to fill out, A Teacher is generally engaging and more rewarding when you get up to End of sticking with it

A teacher celebrates on Sunday the 21st March, premiere at Fox Showcase and Foxtel Now with a double episode, followed by double episodes new every week

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