incumbent Victorian Prime Minister James Merlino will not recommend the federal government sexual consent video and will call on the resource “a big mistake” and the government to redesign the educational tool

“I have to be honest with you, I was pretty disappointed” Mr Merlino said on Tuesday It was confusing, it was worthy, it didn’t hit the markâ ????

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????? I just think it’s a huge mistake It’s not a resource I’ll recommend to Victorian schools

NSW Secretary of Education Sarah Mitchell also criticized the resource Tuesday, calling it “pretty sad” and a missed opportunity

Ms. Mitchell said she saw the videos and the reviews on social media on Monday night. My honest opinion is that they are pretty sad I think it’s a missed opportunity on a topic that is really important she said on Tuesday

“I think the conversations I’ve had with young people about consent and respectful relationship parenting want them to be explicit”You want to have an honest conversation about these issues

â ???? I think the federal government’s intention to have a resource that schools and parents can provide is good. But to be honest, I don’t really see the usefulness of a milkshake or a taco metaphor

â ???? I think we should be much more open with young people when we talk about these issuesâ ????

The headmaster of a girls’ school in Melbourne also said the video “falls short” of the standard required for the education of students

The Melbourne Girls Grammar Director, Dr Toni Meath said the video doesn’t respect the sophistication of young people and there are better ways to talk about sexual assault

“It doesn’t work with the language our young people have” Dr Meath told ABC 774 The more clearly we are in clear communication with our language, the better the message


â € œItâ € ™ s always good to see what resources we can use in this area … I just think that isnâ € ™ t the case

â ???? Our young people have their own very sophisticated language. And when you think of the other media they are watching, it goes way beyond that I thought it was everywhereâ ????

The suite of new online educational resources gets students informed through videos about milkshakes, tacos, and an ocean that may be filled with sharks

On Monday, the women’s rights group’s Fair Agenda launched a petition calling on the government to work with violence prevention experts to review the material on their Good Society website, launched as part of their Respect Matters program / p>

Videos aimed at 10th grade students until 12 Directing class on the site, using metaphors to discuss consent, and avoiding mention of the words “rape” or “attack”

Federal Minister of Education and Youth Alan Tudge said parents are the most important people in teaching children respect and relationships, but schools could play an important role tooPhoto credit: Alex Ellinghausen

One shows a young girl smearing a milkshake on the face of a teenager without his permission, apparently depicting sexual assault or rape

Chanel Contos, the Sydney sider who led a campaign for better informed consent education in schools that resulted in thousands of students sharing their experiences of sexual assault, said she was disappointed when she heard the “ridiculous” ??? ? Videos

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? â ????

When speaking from the UK, Ms Contos said when she showed a video to her British friends they thought it was a joke

In a statement released on Monday, the Federal Ministry of Education said that the content of the Good Society’s website was created and reviewed by experts. “Community members, teachers and school principals were also consulted to ensure that the content was relevant to the Students are engaging and meet community standards”said a spokesman

???? The Department of Education, Skills and Employment will continue to work with experts and stakeholders to update and refine the content as needed

â ???? The website has over 350 materials designed to teach general principles of respectful behavior that can be used in many situations. The materials are in line with the national curriculumâ ????

When contacted, the digital agency behind the video, Liquid Interactive, did not want to comment on the request and forwarded it to the Ministry of Education

The agency has created several projects for government departments including the Australian Department of Statistics, the Department of Health, the Australian Civil Service and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation in Queensland

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