It comes after a new and more infectious variant of Covid-19 has been found to have spread around the UK.

More than forty countries have banned flights from the UK in a bid to avoid the new strain of the virus, with many asking Britons who have already arrived to self isolate.

Germany has expanded its ban on passenger flights from the UK to forbid passenger transport by rail, bus and ship.

A similar measure applies to South Africa, where a new variant of the coronavirus also has been detected.

Meanwhile, Turkey has identified and quarantined 4,603 airline passengers who arrived from the United Kingdom on and after December 14.

Flights from the UK, South Africa, Denmark and the Netherlands were suspended on Sunday evening in response to a new strain of coronavirus said to be circulating there.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca tweeted that 335 passengers flying from those countries at the time of Sunday’s announcement were tested for the virus on arrival in Turkey and isolated.

In Switzerland, authorities are trying to track an estimated 10,000 people who have arrived by plane from Britain since December 14 – and has ordered them to quarantine for 10 days.

The quarantine order is likely to affect thousands of Britons who may have already headed to Swiss ski resorts.

Unlike many of its neighbours, Switzerland has left most of its slopes open, attracting enthusiasts from around Europe.


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