Boomer culture is having your ringer on full volume and letting it ring for a whole minute before answering

Millennial culture is not knowing what your own ringtone sounds like because your phone’s been on vibrate since 2009

Baby Boomer culture is posting a stock image of a tropical location with an accompanying caption of, “So beautiful,” or, “This would be the life!”

Millennial culture is having to take vacation before the end of the year so you don’t lose it, but being paranoid they’ll discover they don’t really need you if you’re out too long.

Baby Boomer culture is yelling at their kids for being on their phones too much while typing up some incoherent facebook rant just so they can fight with strangers

Millennial culture is hearing something ridiculous being shared on Facebook and subsequently calling your Boomer parents to check in that they don’t believe it

Boomer culture is sharing Facebook posts of pets that went missing 200 miles away from where you live

Boomer culture is insisting on tipping EXACTLY 20% at restaurants and then asking someone how to open the calculator on their phone

Millennial culture is sneakily leaving a $5 on the table at a restaurant because you know the bill payer didn’t tip enough and you feel a sense of solidarity with the waitress because you also work in customer service

boomer culture is saying “knock on wood” everytime they get their technology to work without their grandkid

Boomer culture is owning a cabinet of expensive China nobody can use then complaining about “wasting money on electronics”

Millennial culture is trying to find recommendations for moving companies and realizing that none of your friends have ever owned furniture nice enough to move from one city to another.

Boomer culture is sharing a lengthy post on Facebook about how socialism kills children’s pets with a picture of the Joker, adding the caption “This hits the nail, right on the head .”

Millennial culture is saying “Might treat myself” when thinking whether you should get the bus home instead of walking

Boomer culture is owning hand towels you’re not supposed to use and then complaining that “all these electronics are such a waste”

millennial culture is growing up with a dishwasher, laundry machines, printer etc. but now seeing them as unattainable luxuries

Millennial culture is having one pair of AAA batteries and moving them around based on which remote you need to use.

Boomer culture is walking into an empty restaurant and sitting at the only table with cups and dishes, only to complain that the table is dirty.

Millennial culture is not asking for substitutions/special adjustments to your food at restaurants/fast food joints bc you don’t wanna be an inconvenience to the people working there.

Boomer culture is walking around in public having a loud ass speaker phone conversation in a grocery store about how you have gout with your buddy from Iowa.

Millennial culture is ready to face everything, except for answering a phone call from an unknown number.

Boomer culture is being retired at 55 and watching TV 12 hours a day and scoffing at the idea of doing anything else

millennial culture is job searching every day, several times each day and finding no jobs with a liveable wage and the ones that do supply that and you’re skill qualified for require 5+ years of experience on top of it so you just


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