“The scariest part for me was that he was voiced by the same guy who voiced the Professor. It’s like if Satan had your dad’s voice.”

“Frollo is an evil person, and a lot worse than most Disney villains because he’s ruthless and ambitious in such a real way. It’s like the argument about Umbridge being hated more than Voldemort. Maleficent might be a big scary witch with devil horns and a dragon form who lives in a creepy castle surrounded by goblins, but you might reasonably meet someone like Frollo.”

“I would not want to meet him in my lifetime. I don’t think I could NOT make facial expressions at him.”

“Seriously, an old woman who can blood-bend, and the only way for her to be taken down is if you use her twisted techniques against her? She creeps me out!”

“A lot of the monsters in that film have creepy designs, but yes, Randall is up there. Who would want a giant chameleon with the voice of Steve Buscemi sneaking into your bedroom?”

“I’m not sure if it was the animation or if it was just the kid himself. I still can’t watch that movie without having flashbacks from my childhood.”

“Most of the characters on Courage the Cowardly Dog scared me, but that damn return the slab guy was terrifying.”

“During one of the Cars movies, Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are flipping over tractors at night in a field, and out of nowhere, this huge harvester steamrolls over the hill. That made me shit myself.”

“Such an amazing portrayal of actual evil and how the powerless can gain control of others with just words and a look.”

“Imagine somebody so convinced that voodoo is real that he would gladly kill you for his magic.”

“When she’s driving her car all wild in the final scene, and her eyes got all huge and wonky. Man, fuck that shit.”

“Their faces looked so menacing, and poor Alice was lost and scared. Damn scary for 7-year-old me. Nope. Nope. Nope.”

“The Coachman’s devil face gave me nightmares, and his whole scheme of kidnapping boys and having them turned into donkeys is scary shit!”

“They used to scare the shit out of me as a kid. Used to have nightmares of them all the time.”

“I don’t know why, but the mere sight of him triggers my fight or flight response. If the show’s playing on TV, I’ll leave the room no matter where I am. As a kid, I had nightmares where he’d chase me through places so he could kill me.”

“Those things fucked me up as a kid. I was so confused why Dumbo and the mouse saw those things and didn’t know that the bottle of wine was wine. I thought it was apple cider. Those hallucinations haunted me.”

“The dude had an upside-down skull for a face, and when he possessed people, they had creepy purple eyes that haunted my nightmares.”

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News – People Are Sharing The Cartoon Characters That Scared Them As Kids, And Honestly Same