It’s Hashtags time! Tweet out something funny, weird, or embarrassing you got caught doing and tag it with #IGotCaught. Could be on the show!

I got caught singing in the car by myself at a red light and tried to pretend I was just having an animated conversation over bluetooth. #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon When I was little I used to cheat when playing cards. My grandpa hooked me up to his blood pressure machine and told me it was a lie detector, and that the cuff got tighter when I was lying. #IGotCaught

Went to traffic school for a speeding ticket hoping to avoid rate spike on parents auto insurance. Walked in the room and dear old dad was taking the same class. Busted…both of us! #IGotCaught

#IGotCaught cheating on my spanish test with google translate but the voice of the app went into loudspeaker and everyone heard it, including my teacher

@jimmyfallon When I was 5, my older siblings locked me out of their Kool Klub, even after I slid the 10 cent fee under the door. I called 911, asking them to come handle the situation without getting my parents involved. When they arrived at the door, my parents got involved. #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon #IGotCaught I had just done a great presentation at work, and I thought my boss was coming up to congratulate me. Instead he says, “Is your sweater vest on inside out?” It was. “Also, do you have barbecue sauce on your face?” I did.

@jimmyfallon I tried getting out of going to my mother in law’s birthday party by saying I had work. Instead I went to a bar and it seems the party was in the same bar. #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon #IGotCaught Giving my wretched coworker the finger behind her back. She saw me in one of the convex mirrors at the end of the hall. OOPS.

@jimmyfallon Excited for a concert (remember those?) Day of show, called off sick, went to the show anyway. Next day my new boss asks, “Feeling better? How was the show?” Now, I’m scrambling, how did he know? Then I checked my camera roll. I had no idea he was in the picture. 😳 #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon #IGotCaught in high school hitting garbage cans at full speed with my beat up 1980 dodge Aries k car when someone (who’s cans I would hit often) filled two of their garbage cans with cement.

@FallonTonight It’s not me, but a guy has to admit that he was cheating on his girlfriend after being caught on a kiss cam in a soccer game 🤣

In the video of my family singing Happy Birthday to my nephew when he turned one you can hear me ask, “What’s it’s name again?” #IGotCaught

Not me but a kid in my Calc 3 class had a piece of paper tucked into the hem of this shorts. He almost got away with it but the teacher called him back to write his name and when he turned around it fell out and into the floor. #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon I dressed in lingerie when my boyfriend was on his way over to surprise him. He texted me to say he had parked. I saw a figure coming up the steps so I swung open the door to display myself. The UPS man standing there with a box was as shocked as I was. #IGotCaught

@jimmyfallon When I was 7, #IGotCaught picking my nose and, when my dad yelled at me to get my hand outta there, I lied and said I was doing a science project on “the smell of fingers”.

@jimmyfallon My wife bought a fancy treadmill with Internet and Bluetooth. After helping her set up the Internet and Bluetooth, I went to my man cave and watched a movie on my iPad. There was a hot n heavy sex scene in the beginning. My wife yelled out, I can hear your Bluetooth.

@jimmyfallon Once, I said something really awful about a boss where I used to work. He was so terrible that I thought it would be a good idea to tell a friend of mine what I thought of him, using colorful language, via e-mail. One huge problem with it all. I sent my message to all employees.


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