Quite the chin on this guy. He looks like he’d taunt you after every missed shot.

A lot of life in this here Hawk. I can feel the positive vibes through the computer screen.

Truman’s actually an adorable name for a mascot but he should do fewer death-defying stunts. Don’t waste all those nine lives.

This man looks like he’d kill you off the court but be the best teammate in the backcourt.

Good grief, he’s naked! Well, he’s a dog, but it is weird to have an unclothed mascot. Nice hat, though.

Thunder embraces the power of the crowd and is adorable even when he tries to act tough.

Willing to drive to the bucket with speed, this horse has the best horseshoes in the game.

Very cute, but those hooves must be hard to move around in. This horse looks like he has never skipped leg day.

This bear looks like he is ready to storm into the boss’s office and demand a raise.

Not the best rebounder, but he has the bear essentials as far as defense is concerned.

Maybe the best cartoon look of the bunch. He looks like he has a mean step-back shot and can fly on dunks.

The duck with no name, simply called “The Oregon Duck,” is a bad man. Cute face with a killer fadeaway.

Love his ability to box out with his snout but worried he gets alligator arms when rebounding in traffic. My dad: “Get him a tank top. Why is he wearing a turtle neck?!”

Blue jays are the meanest birds and Billie is not gonna take any crap in the paint.

I love the full uniform and the yellow horns. Opponents hate to bump heads with this tough guy.

There’s an elephant in the room and you know I wanna talk about it. Big Al is adorable and I love his trunk.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jeremyhayes/ranking-mascots-march-madness

News – I Tirelessly Ranked All 64 College Basketball Mascots From This Year’s March Madness Tournament