PS: If you’re wondering why I’ve had it in for 12 years instead of the 10 years we often see advertised, my doctor told me a few years back that clinical studies show it is good for a couple of years longer!

If you’ve ever read any of my past articles, you may be thinking, Wait a minute, aren’t you that girl that got pregnant with an IUD?! Well, lol, yeah that’s me. But my IUD pregnancy ended up being ectopic (or in my Fallopian tube). I decided not to have that IUD removed during surgery because my odds of getting pregnant would still be the same — and likely higher — on any other form of birth control. IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control, with over 99% effectiveness. TBH, though, the main reason I kept it is that the Paragard is the only hormone-free, long-term form of birth control on the market — and I don’t do well with hormones.

Note: With other IUDs, it is common for your period to stop. But with the Paragard, you will still get a monthly period.

The cost of getting an IUD in the US without insurance can be anywhere from $500 to $1,300, so when I say I am very fortunate, I truly mean it!

Note: I have had friends tell me their doctor didn’t offer anesthesia, so it may be something you have to ask for (that is, if you’re brave enough after seeing this pic)!

It was really, really neat (but kind of gross) to see my old IUD, knowing that it had been inside me for 12 years! And, this might be TMI, but I wasn’t on my period — I think the blood was just from all the disturbance that was going on inside my uterus.

The IUD had to be “loaded” for insertion. The wings are folded up into a tube so that they can fit into the cervix, which is the narrow canal leading to the uterus. Then, once the tubing is inside, the IUD is pushed into the uterus and the wings spring out to each side.

If you did not know, IUDs have two strings attached to them — they feel like fishing wire. The strings are there to make removal easy. In the past, women have been told to check their strings periodically to make sure the IUD is still in place, but my doctor said that you really don’t need to check them if the IUD is inserted correctly. Also, your sexual partner shouldn’t feel the strings! If they do, you can request that the strings be trimmed shorter.


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