Which character is your absolute favourite?

Someone else

Who is your least favourite character?

Someone else

Which of these scenes is the best?

Who is the best Bridgerton sibling?

Pick your favourite dress of Daphne’s:

Which classical pop cover slaps the hardest?

“thank u, next”

“Girls Like You”

“In My Blood”

“bad guy”


“Wildest Dreams”

Pick the couple you shipped the most:

Choose the hottest guy in the cast:

What did you think of the sex scenes?

Too much for me

OMG yes please!

Be honest, who did you think Lady Whistledown was?

Someone else

Who do you think Daphne should have ended up with?

And finally, how did you feel about the series overall?

Sorry, but I hated it.

It started strong but lost steam.

Yeah, it was all right but I’ve seen better.

I bloody loved it and can’t wait for more!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sam_cleal/bridgerton-opinions-quiz

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