— A —Which is the second-to-last state (49th) to become part of the US?

— B —Which is the largest country by land size in South America?

— C —What is the capital of Egypt?

— D —The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is located in which city?

— E —What is New York state’s official nickname?

Empire State!

— F —Which European country is home to the Disney princess Belle?

— G —The world’s largest coral reef is called what?

Great Barrier Reef!

— H —What is the capital of Hawaii?

— I —What state is Leslie Knope from in Parks and Recreation?

— J —What is the capital of Indonesia?

— K —Nairobi is the capital of which country on the continent of Africa?

— L —Which museum is the home of the “Mona Lisa” and also the set of a Beyoncé music video?

The Louvre Museum!

— M —Which of the New Seven Wonders of the World is located in Peru?

Machu Picchu!

— N —Which country in Africa has the highest population?

— O —Which country is bordered by Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates?

— P —Which of the world’s oceans is the largest and deepest?

Pacific Ocean!

— Q —French is the official language of which Canadian province?

— R —Which is the largest country in the world (by land size)?

— S —Apia is the capital of which Polynesian country (that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson partly identifies with ethnically)?

— T —The city of Istanbul is in which country?

— U —Which country is the second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions?

The US!

— V —Caracas is the capital of which South American country?

— W —The Battle of _______ (where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated) is also the title of an ABBA song.

— Y —What is the name of the first national park in the US?

Yellowstone National Park!

— Z —Victoria Falls lies on the border of Zambia and what other country?

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriagasparowicz/a-to-z-geography-quiz

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