Australian actor Luke Bracey has landed a string of roles in Hollywood since moving to the US 10 years ago

He revived the character of Keanu Reeves in the action-packed Point Break reboot, portrayed a soldier facing Vince Vaughn in the period play Hacksaw Ridge, and played Reese Witherspoon’s ex-lover in the drama. critically acclaimed Little Fires Everywhere However, Bracey had not yet ventured into romantic comedies – until now

The Sydney-born actor stars in new Netflix movie Holidate, opposite Emma Roberts, and he couldn’t be more excited to try his hand at a different genre

“I love romantic comedies Who doesn’t, right?” he admits to 9Honey Celebrity “I had so many great experiences from all the different movies, and trying a romantic comedy for the premiere times was both exciting and terrifying, that’s all I want in a job “

The 31-year-old actor was also sold on the film after director John Whitesell requested his character to be Australian, meaning Bracey could use his Australian accent on a feature film for the first time.

“I’m so grateful that the director believed in me and wanted me to play this role, and especially asked me to be Australian,” Bracey says, before revealing that he was originally written for an American

“It was a bit more freedom It was also a bit of a challenge I always found that doing a different accent helps me come out a bit more of myself It was difficult because suddenly I could hear me if I wasn’t real, so it allowed me to adjust my work a bit too “

In the film, Bracey and Roberts play the eternally single Jackson and Sloane who decide to be each other for every special occasion of the year – from Valentine’s Day to New Years Eve and all the rest

With the convenient layout in place, they never have to worry about being dated and, at the end of each event, they go their separate ways – no taking, no commitment, no hassle C ‘ is until one of them starts to develop feelings

“I really admire Jackson as a character,” Bracey says of his on-screen character “He obviously lives alone on the other side of the world and I’ve been doing that for 10 years, so there was that part that I could really relate to

“He’s not your typical romantic comedy man – he’s a bit of a silly, which in my opinion is really endearing because he’s shameless He’s really honest and doesn’t try to ‘to be someone else

“That’s one of the beautiful things about romantic comedies and relationships in general – it’s about trying to learn things from the people you hang out with. I think that’s the beautiful thing about this movie Sloane and Jackson teach each other and open up to each other at the end “

The film explores the age-old debate about whether men and women can have a strictly platonic relationship For Bracey, there is no reason why they cannot

“I have great friends who are platonic friends I think it’s possible,” he said “I think it’s about honesty, it’s about being honest with someone. ‘a And if something does happen in a relationship, it’s better to face it and be honest about it, rather than hide it and not be true to yourself. I think it’s possible that men and women are platonic friends – it’s not just about sex “

For example, Bracey made good friends with Roberts and her other female co-stars on Holidate, Kristin Chenoweth (who plays Sloane’s Aunt Susan in series) and Frances Fisher (who plays Sloane’s bossy mother. , Elaine)

“It was awesome, we had a great time every day at work – we laughed 12 hours a day,” he recalls “Emma and I just became friends When she and I got together met it was like meeting an old friend and we got along like a house on fire from the start It was really nice to see someone you worked with become a good friend

“Kristin is probably one of the funniest people I’ve met in my life She’s just hilarious and the nicest person in the world She works so hard and is incredibly talented She’s such a ball And Frances is such a funny person too Such a free spirit “

Roberts, Chenoweth and Fisher are just a few of the big stars Bracey has worked with since her big move to Hollywood in 2011

In addition to the aforementioned Witherspoon, the Australian actor co-starred with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in Gje Joe: Retaliation, Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo and James Marsden in The Best of Me

But like the laid back Australian that he is, Bracey says he’s not the type to be star-struck on set

“I have never been so star struck as I have ever met I guess the only people who hit me are sports stars, they’re the only people who really hit me,” he admits ” But there are definitely working days, like when Mel Gibson directs you [to Hacksaw Ridge], where I definitely sit down and make sure I take that into account

“But I think there’s a fine line between getting into your head about it and being blown away by it. Once you meet the people you work with it’s like everyone else – everyone is just a human trying to do their job, trying to do the best job possible

“I have been very lucky with everyone I have worked with It’s always been a great experience to be able to meet new people and learn from them. I’m just more excited to meet them and happy to learn from them, really “

He can now hang out with who’s who in Hollywood, but Bracey will always be a Sydneysider at heart

As the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, the actor returned to Australia to quarantine himself with his family, just recently returning to work on the biopic still titled Elvis Presley (Bracey will play Elvis Presley’s best friend Elvis, Jerry Schilling)

“Sydney will still be home and I’ll probably be spending a bit more time there in the years to come,” says the actor, who is currently in Queensland touring with Tom Hanks and Austin Butler

“I’ve had a suitcase based in LA for almost 11 years. Work takes me all over the world, but I always come back for about six weeks at Christmas. I had an amazing time in Los Angeles during past 10 years, but I really missed my family and friends “

True to his word, last Christmas Bracey returned to Australia to spend the holidays with his family – and he hasn’t been since

“I’ve been back in Sydney since about Christmas and obviously it’s been such a crazy year,” he says “But one of the perks of that is that I have to spend all this time with my family This is the longest time I have spent in Australia in 20 years I am so grateful for this To spend pure quality time with nowhere to go and nothing else to do I have been so blessed in this sense

“I’m not thankful that something crazy and horrible happened about this, but I take the positives from it and it has definitely been a big part of this year for me”

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