Kayla Harrington: Hello, all! My name is Kayla and I’ve been a Swiftie since the simple days of “Love Story.” I love every T-Swift album and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on Evermore with you! Before we begin please note I don’t think any of these songs are “bad,” I simply hold some songs in a higher regard than others. I consider the album as a whole a stunning work of art.

Hope Lasater: Taylor Swift’s music makes me cry tears of every emotion, and Evermore is next-level. I cannot wait to talk about it. Life was a willow and it bent right to this album’s wind.

Hannah Marder: According to Spotify, I was in the top 0.5% of Taylor Swift listeners this year, so I’m not here to play around.

Harrington: This is truly a beautiful way to begin an album. From the light guitar sounds to Taylor’s gorgeous rift every time she sings the word “hollow,” I am completely enchanted during every listen. Ranking: 6/15

Lasater: “Willow” sounds so tangled and warm. The lyrics, as always, are magical, as is the melody, but the notes themselves aren’t totally my cup of tea. Ranking: 9/15

Marder: I love that the tune feels a bit darker and more urgent in the vein of “I Know Places.” (At least until the chorus, which is not my fave but still good!) Ranking: 8/15

Harrington: What an intricate weave of broken proposals and lost love. Taylor is the master storyteller for a reason; we’re two songs in and are already treated to a whole novella. 9/15

Lasater: I love how clear and sensory these lyrics are. The story is unmissable, and the melody and Swift’s vocals fit so well with it. I would not change a thing about this song. 3/15

Marder: It’s just perfect in every way — it sounds like “All Too Well” meets “New Year’s Day,” which are two of my favorite Taylor songs melody-wise. The bridge is also one of my favorites. 1/15

Harrington: These lyrics make me feel like I’m back in high school with a huge crush on someone and I don’t hate it at all. 10/15

Lasater: “Gold Rush” is a lovely song about a day dream. It’s real darn good, and that change in lyrics in the last refrain is IMPECCABLE. There’s just something about it that keeps it an A- for me. 7/15

Marder: This song feels a little bit Reputation in a good way. Thematically/lyrically, it’s not my FAVE, but still great! 12/15

Harrington: Wow, I can confidently say this is my favorite song on the album. From the tempo change to the catchy lyrics to shouting out to the hometown hook ups we’ve all had, it’s the total package. 1/15

Lasater: This song makes me sad in a way I’m somehow not fully prepared for every time I listen. I really like “‘Tis the Damn Season,” but I don’t love love love it. 8/15

Marder: I gotta be honest, I was expecting a sassy Christmas song, so I was a bit disappointed. Still a gorgeous song, but not the best on the album! 13/15

Harrington: We’ve all been in a relationship where the person didn’t treat us right and this song reminds us that we do deserve better, regardless of how much it hurts to leave. 8/15

Lasater: It’s hard to say a song so devastating is my favorite, but it is. I have never heard this crushing feeling encapsulated at all, let alone so honestly, delicately, and just beautifully. Goddammit Swift, and bravo. 1/15

Marder: Oof. This song is BRUTAL. Taylor is so great at capturing really specific types of heartbreak and pain, and this song is one of the best examples of that. 7/15

Harrington: Who doesn’t love a girl power murder anthem? Let’s all agree this is now the official song for breakups going into 2021. 2/15

Marder: This song is a cultural reset. It’s sooo deliciously dark and also fun at the same time. I need more like this, Taylor!!!! 2/15

Harrington: “There’ll be happiness after you, but there was happiness because of you. Both of these things can be true.” Gorgeous, eloquent, and the energy we all need to channel. 11/15

Lasater: Jesus Christ, these lyrics. It’s not a breakup song, yet it’s a deeply painful and beautiful breakup song. I won’t listen to this on repeat for four days straight, but I would never dare skip. 6/15

Marder: This is my favorite song lyrically on the album. It feels so mature and I LOVE the way the music builds in the background. 5/15

Harrington: The sister song to my favorite song on this album, it exudes the same “hometown love” energy, but from the perspective of the person who lives in town. Its sweet lyrics and toe-tapping tempo make for a fun listen. 3/15

Lasater: I don’t feel much when I listen to “Dorothea.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but the melody isn’t all that memorable, and the lyrics don’t stand out. 14/15

Marder: This feels like a MUCH better “Hey There Delilah.” It’s happy and mourning and nostalgic all at the same time and reminds me of Red. 6/15

Harrington: Listen, I wanted nothing more than to like this song. It’s named after one of my favorite places in the world, for crying out loud! But, I just can’t get into it. Sorry, T-Swift! 15/15

Lasater: I really love the lyrics and the vibe, but I wish it were shorter and just Swift here. 12/15

Marder: I love Taylor in this — but again, I just don’t LOVE the duets on Folklore and Evermore, especially compared to Red. I think the male voices are too low? 11/15

Harrington: I definitely didn’t have “Taylor Swift writes a song about an affair using plants as metaphors” in my 2020 bingo card, but I’m not mad at it. 7/15

Lasater: The melody of the chorus is FLAWLESS, but the fact that this song is about an affair brings it down for me. 10/15

Marder: I don’t love songs that romanticize affairs, but the lyrics are just so gorgeous I can’t help but love this song. I love that it feels a little haunting. 9/15

Harrington: While the singing is undoubtedly beautiful, the slow tempo didn’t keep me engaged, so unfortunately this is a skip for me. 14/15

Lasater: This is the Evermore song I will listen to the most for the rest of my life. The mood of it, the lyrics, the melody, Swift’s performance – it’s possibly my favorite love song of all time. 2/15

Marder: I really love the slow melody of this song and Taylor’s voice in it, but the lyrics don’t feel quite as poetic as the rest of the album! 14/15

Harrington: I get a real ‘80s pop vibe from this song and it makes me want to dance around my living room. 12/15

Lasater: I like this fun, sweet song, but it’s kind of light to me in a bad way, and I cannot explain what I mean by that. 13/15

Marder: “Long story short it was a bad time” is the lyric we needed in 2020. This song feels the most classically Taylor. 4/15

Harrington: As someone who lost their grandmother not too long ago, I tear up every time I listen to this song. Taylor Swift reminds us that while we could only wish to have more time with the people we lost, they live on in our memories and the stories we pass on. 4/15

Lasater: This one is a hard listen, my god. What a celebration of someone’s life and legacy. “Marjorie” is kindly heartbreaking and undeniably stunning in every aspect. 5/15

Marder: I love whenever Taylor sings about her family, and as someone who’s lost their grandmother, this one really hits home. I LOVE that she actually uses her grandmother’s voice, and it’s just so sad and beautiful. 3/15

Harrington: While the lyrics and beat work as separate entities, I don’t think they fit quite well together, which makes the song sound a bit discombobulated. 13/15

Lasater: I don’t much like the production here. The anger is great, though. Shoutout to the sentiment. 15/15

Marder: Love the lyrics, and the tune is good, but…the background sound kind of gives me a headache. It’s just a little too chaotic for me. 15/15

Harrington: Okay, full disclosure, I was on the fence about this song when I first listened to it but, when Bon Iver came in for that second verse, I was completely sold. I can’t think of another song that could’ve ended this album; this was just perfection. 5/15

Lasater: The mix of deep sadness and hope in this song is haunting — in the best way. But the change in melody when Bon Iver starts singing slightly breaks this song’s spell for me. 11/15

Marder: This is a wonderful closing song and titular song for the album with gorgeous lyrics, but…I don’t like the Bon Iver part. There, I said it. 10/15

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